Are You Creating What You Really Want? Do You Know How?

A few weeks ago, I had yet another death in my life – a cousin who was the same age as me.  I wish I could say that he was the first same-age cousin I’ve lost, but I can’t.  In fact, death has been a much more common occurrence in my life than for most people I know.

And all of this death around me got me thinking, starting at a young age, about how I Debbie Delgadoactually wanted my life to look.

It was one of the factors that prompted me to leave a very successful corporate career to start my own business doing what I loved – on MY terms.  It was a factor in my decision to leave a 20+ year relationship a few years ago.  It was one of the reasons I moved across the country to beautiful Oregon earlier this year.  And it’s why I have recently been choosing to spend a lot more time playing and a lot less time working.

What defining moment in your life woke you up to the fact that life is short, and meant to be lived – by YOU, not by everyone else’s “rules” for you?

Did you act on that wake-up message and make some big changes?

The journey to this point has been a long one for me.  And an expensive one as well!  Many of you know I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own development in the past few years alone.

And yet… I am absolutely convinced that the most important tool that has gotten me to the point where I can create what I want and need with so little work and effort is knowing myself and exactly how I’m designed to create what I want.  And yes, this is the Manifesting Design work I’ve been doing with my clients and that you’ve seen countless success stories for in this ezine.

It’s been in the unique intersection of the gifts I am here to share and how I’m designed to share them that I’ve discovered this incredible sweet spot.

But first I had to know what kind of life I really wanted to live.  And how much money I would need to support that lifestyle.

And it amazes me how many people have still not made those decisions – at least not in a conscious way.  People in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s – who still have not made that choice.

Way too many people are “letting life live them.“  Living totally reactively.  And living from a place of victimhood instead of a place of creation.

Is that you?  Is there one or more areas of your life that does not look the way you truly want it to?

You can have whatever kind of life and business and income you want.  But you first must consciously decide.  And then you must know enough about yourself and how you’re designed to create in order to create it.

Have you?

Will you?

Do you even know how to?

If you need a guide, I am here.  Some of you have been watching me for years now – hanging out in the shadows, watching me and others live in big ways, and have never allowed yourself to do the same.

Life is short.  Life is precious.  Is it time to start living the life you want now?

If you’re ready to start creating the life you really want and don’t know how, contact my amazing assistant Kathy Bliss today and see if I can help!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado, aka The Entrepreneur Launcher, is here to launch you out of your illusion and into your Truth in your life and business. Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

It Ain’t Always Pretty…

One of the things I absolutely love about my new home state of Oregon is all the beautiful mountains and rivers.  There’s a mountain hike about 20 minutes from my home called Debbie DelgadoSpencer’s Butte.  I’ve hiked it 4 times now and it has kicked my a_ _  each and every time!  I’m determined to master it and will continue doing it until I can make it to the top in a more dignified way!

I’ve come to realize that my hikes up that mountain are quite symbolic of my own life and business journey.  Each area of “mastery” in my life has looked a lot like my climbs up that mountain!  The lessons I’ve learned might just inspire you in your own journey as well!

Lesson #1:  It Ain’t Always Pretty.  Ok, so each time I’ve gotten to the top of that mountain I am a sweaty, panting, undignified mess.  And the last quarter mile, which is kind of a series of uneven stone steps, is a real challenge for me.  The first time I climbed it, I was practically crawling by the end.  But I was challenging an old story about myself being a quitter, and I decided I would keep my commitment to myself to make it to the top even if I DID have to crawl!

This is what it can be like as you grow your life and business.  If you’re constantly growing, you often find yourself way out of your comfort zone.  At times you may find yourself in tears, a nervous sweat, or totally frustrated.  That’s all natural!  And like my beautiful mountain, there is a view at the top that’s more spectacular than anything you’ve yet experienced in your life!  But sometimes ya gotta be willing to be a sweaty mess on your way up!

Lesson 2:  You Don’t Have to be the Fastest.  The first time I did this particular hike, I did it with a local Meetup Group.  There were 5 of us who started out and 3 quickly figured out the other two of us (both newbies to this hike) were going to slow them down.  So they went on ahead of us.  And the last time I hiked there a woman passed me near the top running up the mountain!

Here’s the thing.  As you start and grow your business, you’ll hear all kinds of stories about “overnight successes” – people who made it to the million dollar mark in year one or two of their business.  Don’t try to compete with that, or you may end up stopping before you get your own momentum going.  In fact, I’m a true believer that our vibration is like a rubber band – if you stretch it too far too quickly it will break.  And we see examples of that all the time in the business and entertainment worlds – people who made it big too quickly for their own consciousness to handle, and end up broke and in dire circumstances only a few years later.  (You see this with many lottery winners as well!)

You don’t have to be the first one up the mountain in order to get what you want!  Just keep moving!

Lesson 3:  Taking Small Breaks Can Really Help!  By the end of this 5.2 mile mountain hike, I find myself stopping frequently.  And what I’ve found is that even stopping for 30-60 seconds makes a huge difference in how I feel when I start up again.  And that I need to take them more and more frequently the closer I get to the top!

I’ve found the same to be true as I grow both my business and my life.  I can tend toward being a pretty intense, driven kind of person.  In fact, I have experienced bouts of total burnout at times because of these tendencies.  That can bring me to a total halt, where it’s very hard to regain my momentum!  So for me, it’s important to remember that taking short breaks often is the way I can quickly recover without losing any valuable momentum I’ve created.  Are you remembering to do that for yourself?

Lesson 4: You Will Trip and Stumble Along the Way.  I have not done my mountain hike even once without tripping and stumbling on rocks, tree roots, and even my own feet a few times.  And this really does remind me of my life and business journeys.  A good example is sales mastery.  After years of study and practice, I’ve now gotten to point in sales mastery where I’m routinely asked by biggies in my industry to sell for them, and I do a lot of workshops and coaching with people on sales mastery.  To me, sales mastery is a never-ending life journey – there is always more to learn.  AND – there is no way to become more masterful in it without countless trips and stumbles as you grow.  The trick is to keep going anyway.

Lesson 5:  Keep Going Even When Others Stop and You End Up Alone.  So – back to my first time hiking Spencer’s Butte.  I mentioned that I did it with a small Meetup group, and that 3 of the people left us other two in the dust right away. What I didn’t mention was that the 4th person quit before she and I got to the top.  (I joke with my friends that I can even end up alone at a Meetup activity!)  So I went on by myself, determined to make it to the top no matter what, and was quite proud of myself when I did!

But here’s the thing.  Because you’re one of my readers, I know that you want more in your life and business than most people will ever achieve.  When I reached 6 figures in my business, I became one of only 5% of people in the world who achieve that level of success.  And since then, I’ve become part of an even smaller group.  Not to mention that when I made a bold move out of a relationship that wasn’t feeding my soul a few years ago, I ended up being alienated from even my own family members for over a year.

So, yes, there will be times when you end up alone on your journey to what you want.  But what I’ve learned is that alone does not have to equal lonely.  Some of the biggest development you will ever experience will be in learning to connect with and trust the only person who will always be with you – you!  And soon enough you will find your new people and reconnect with the old ones who really do love you enough to support you in the life you want to create for yourself.  Are you willing to allow yourself to do that?

I can’t even tell you how amazing the view is at the top of my incredible mountain hike.  And that’s how beautiful your life and business can be!  These are the lessons that have gotten me over 2/3 of the way to my 2016 Soul Goals.  Take them on and see what you can create!

Tired of doing your life and business the hard way? Contact Kathy today and see if Debbie can help!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado, aka The Entrepreneur Launcher, is here to launch you out of your illusion and into your Truth in your life and business. Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

Surviving the Messy Stage of Manifesting

Debbie Delgado manifestingI’ve had several clients lately who are right in the middle of manifesting incredible new results and are really being thrown off their game.  My guess is that many of you also have this challenge!

Here’s what it looks like.  You create an inspired intention for a new result you want in your life or business.  Then you make a decision – a real decision – to create what you want, no matter what!  When you do that, opportunities appear – resources, “teachers,” programs that will help you get what you want.  You say yes to those opportunities, even though they are a stretch and scare you, and you begin to change things – your behavior, your thoughts, and your actions.

And then suddenly you find yourself in the middle of one giant whirlwind of chaos. 

Welcome to the middle stage of manifesting!!

You are not who you used to be.  But you’re not yet who you want to be.

You’re not doing things they way you used to do them.  But you’re not yet doing them as you’d like to be doing them.

You are changing the way you’re being, thinking, and acting, and the people in your life who you thought would support you are reacting in ways you never expected.

Nothing is the same as it was, and yet it’s not yet where you want it to be.  You no longer have your old life, but you also don’t have your new life yet.

Everything you want is on the other side of that chaos.  And yet many of you will not get there. Because you will either turn and run back to where you came from (which, by the way, no longer exists), or you will stay mired in the chaos for months or even years.

There are three things you must do to survive this stage of the manifesting process.

Survival Tip #1:  Recognize the mess for what it is.  The chaos there actually makes a lot of sense!  Anytime you want something that you don’t already have, it’s because what you want is at a different frequency than you are.  So you must change your frequency by changing who you are being and what you are doing.  The middle stage of manifesting is where all that change occurs.  And of course it feels like you’re disconnected from who you used to be and who you want to be – because you are!  Just knowing this can help you view it differently.

Survival Tip #2:  Keep moving forward.  In truth, you can’t go back.  Because you’ve made it this far, your consciousness is higher than it was when you were there.  And if you go back there, it will now be 10X more painful than it was the first time, because you know more.   You know more is possible and you can no longer pretend it’s ok to live a smaller life than you are meant to live – to settle for or tolerate a life that doesn’t serve the you that you are here to be.

Survival Tip #3:  Get the support you need to make sure you make it to the other side!  I have yet to meet someone who is living and playing big that has made it where they are without the support of someone who has already done it.  (myself included!)  Many of you have been “programmed” to see asking for support as weak in some way.  This thinking is especially prevalent in the middle class.  What’s interesting is that if you really look closely at the people who instilled this idea in you, you’ll notice that they don’t have the lives they want.  And yet, by not questioning what they’ve taught you, you’ve basically allowed them to steer your life and results.

Bonus Tip!:  Use your unique gifts and design to help you move through the middle step faster and less painfully.  For those of you who have already done Manifesting Design work with me, you already know the unique ways in which the chaos will show up  for you how you’re designed to move through it.  Listen to the recording of your initial session again or contact me for additional coaching using your design.  And for those of you who haven’t yet worked with me to learn how you’re uniquely designed to manifest the life and business you want , I have one question – “Why the heck not?!”

Your amazing life is calling!  Use these tips today, and I’ll see you on the other side!


Tired of doing your life and business the hard way? Contact Kathy today and see if Debbie can help!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado, aka The Entrepreneur Launcher, is here to launch you out of your illusion and into your Truth in your life and business. Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

Which Voice Are You Listening To?

This morning I had a conversation with a Soul Realignment client who told me she doesn’t really know what she wants for herself.

She then went on to tell me what she does want and every single item had a qualifying statement right behind it that told her why she “shouldn’t want it.”

This scenario is a common one, so I’d like to address it for all of you!  Because my guess is that many of you are denying what you really want in some area of your life or business.  If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this article – you’d be out there living your dream life and dream business right now!

So, here’s the thing.  We all have two voices that “talk to us” on a regular basis.  One is your Soul, reminding you that you’re here to experience more life – what you can have and experience is limitless.  And the other is your “head” voice – that part of you that is basically just a big database of ideas other people and “reality” has loaded into you – telling you “hey – you’re and surviving – just settle for that!”

So you have your Soul voice, which is always guiding you toward the life and business you would truly love.  And you have your head voice, which is the voice that simply feeds back to you the programming you’ve received from others and the experiences you’ve had in the past.

One of these voices leads you to more life, and a bigger life.  A life filled with happiness, peace, Debbie Delgado- Yes Voiceand prosperity.

And the other leads you to the same old, same old.  Or even worse, a life that is actually shrinking instead of growing.  A life with less and less happiness, more and more stress, or a shrinking income.

The Soul voice encourages you to change what you’re doing.  To go for something new, to say “yes!”  to the things that will take you there.

And the head voice tells you things like:

“You’ve already got enough.”

“You should be happy with what you have.”

“You’ve already got more than a lot of people do.”

Your Soul whispers to you that you want a job or business that you love and are passionate about.  And your head says “Just be thankful for the job/business you already have.  Some people don’t even have jobs right now!”

Here’s the problem.  Your head has only one goal.  And that’s to keep you alive.  It doesn’t care about the quality of your life – you can be in pure survival mode – even just one step above death, and its fine with that.  Any change is a threat to that part of you.  After all, you’re alive right now – why rock the boat?

But your Soul wants more.  It knows you’re here to live an amazing life, and that the possibilities for you are endless.  It’s the “Yes!” voice that whispers to you to dream big, try new things, and change your life.

Some of you are experiencing that horrible feeling of your Soul dying a little bit each day.  You’re spending the precious and irreplaceable hours of your life doing work you don’t love, or in a relationship that doesn’t nourish you, in a home you hate, or making way less money than you want.  You’re watching other people live full-out, and you’re not listening to your Soul.  And you’re justifying playing small because your life is “good enough.”

You’re listening to your head voice, and ignoring your Soul voice.

What is that really costing you?

Is it time to listen to your other voice now?

Have you become so disconnected from your Soul that you don’t even know where to start? Contact Kathy today and see if Debbie can help!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado, aka The Entrepreneur Launcher, is here to launch you out of your illusion and into your Truth in your life and business. Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

You’re So Lucky…!

Many of you know I recently moved across the country to an amazingly beautiful place where I feel like I’m on vacation every day.  And that I’ve created a business where I can work from wherever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want, and with the ability to make as much money as I want…

And over the past 10 years, as I’ve consciously and intentionally created my life more than ever before, I’ve had numerous people speak these words to me…

“You’re so lucky…’Debbie Delgado Lucky

I’ve been told I’m so lucky that I can work from wherever I want.  I’ve been told I’m so lucky I can work whenever I want.  I’ve been told I’m so lucky I can live wherever I want.  You get the picture, right?

Well, here’s the Truth…

There’s no such thing as luck.

We are here to intentionally create our lives.

We are here to intentionally choose how we make money.

You can do and have any kind of life you want.

But you won’t be able to act like everyone else and have it.

Because most people on this planet are not living and creating intentionally.

So if you follow the crowd, you’ll get the same kind of life the crowd gets.  And most people on this planet right now are living in some kind of lack – making money in ways they don’t love, settling for mediocre relationships, and making decisions for themselves based on other peoples’ ideas and rules about how they should live.

When you call someone lucky, you are doing it for one or both of these reasons:

You would rather think of them as lucky than take the risks required of you to create what they have.

You would rather remain unconscious about your ability to create whatever you want because you don’t want the responsibility that naturally comes with it.

The truth is there’s nothing I’ve created for myself that you can’t have, too.  Every one of us has the ability to live a spectacular life – whatever your own unique definition of that is!

But you will have to start being you.  The real you that you are here to be.  The unique you that isn’t like anyone else.  The you that will stand out in the crowd because you’re living your life — not everyone else’s!

The you that doesn’t care if everyone around you approves and affirms every decision you make and every action you take.  The you that gets the kind of support you need to take the risks and actions required for you to go from where you are now to where you really want to be.

And only then will you create everything you desire.

Is it time?…

To create your “lucky” life?

Do you feel like you have no clue anymore about who you really are, the gifts you are here to share, or how to use your gifts to create everything you want? Contact Kathy Bliss here and see if Debbie can help!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado, aka The Entrepreneur Launcher, is here to launch you out of your illusion and into your Truth in your life and business. Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

Do THIS if You Want More Clients and Income This Month

How is your business going this month? We’re about halfway through the month – are you halfway to your February income goal?

Personally – I’m having a great month– incredible, committed new clients, and lots of them! I’m halfway to my February income goal (and my goal is double what I brought in last month, so I’m pretty darned proud of myself!)

I hope you can say the same! But, if not… read on!

I’m always looking at my business through two different angles – what results am I getting, and what am I doing or learning that I can use to help other business owners like you!

So – I’ve discovered the main thing I’ve really changed this month that’s creating more clients and income for me. And I’m also keenly aware that when my clients have great results, they are doing the same.

And that is … I’m indulging my Superpower more than I was last month!

You see, each of us has at least one main superpower – yes, that’s true for you, too. Not one of you was created without a unique gift – no one is here just to “take up space!”

And when you use your superpower, you send such powerful energy out into the world that your perfect clients can’t help but be attracted to you!

My own personal superpower is all around truth. I’m here to help others break out of their own illusions and start living and operating their business out of their own unique truth. My superpower is transmitted by me “speaking” the truth – quite literally in my case – as the more I get out there and speak the truth to groups of people, the more of my perfect clients are magnetically attracted to me and the solutions I provide.

Those of you who’ve already done Soul Realignment™ or Manifesting Design work with me Want Morealready know what your superpower is. So my questions for you are:

Are you using it?

Every day?

And if not – why not?

For the rest of you – there are other ways of discovering your own superpower, although they might require a bit more digging. Here are some great questions for you:

Think back to the best months you’ve had in your business. What were you doing or being a lot of that month AND the month before? (sometimes your results take a little longer to catch up with your actions)

What is that thing you do or be that people are always telling you they really appreciate about you? (They may even use the word talent or gift when they share that with you)

What are you doing/being when you feel most powerful?

Your superpower is the key to you making your business goals this month. If you’re not on track right now – there’s still time – you have half the month still left.

Stand up, put that cape on, and get out there and let the people you are here to help “see” you!

Are you totally clueless as to what your own superpower is or frustrated with yourself because you’re not using it? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado, aka The Entrepreneur Launcher, is here to launch you out of your illusion and into your Truth in your life and business. Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

7 Desperate Acts that Get you Nowhere in Your Business

There’s so much more to creating success in your business than meets the eye! There’s an entire energetic story going on underneath the actions you take that you might not even be aware of.

When your business isn’t doing as well as you would like, it might be tempting to take actions that seem logical, but will in fact be interpreted energetically by others in opposite very different way than you think!

Here are seven things you might be tempted to do to grow your business that will actually prevent you from reaching your business goals.Desperate Acts

Warning: the list below is not for the faint of heart. If “you can’t handle the truth!” you might want to skip this one!

  1. Spending your time at networking events telling people all about you, your credentials, and your business.  Sorry – but, they really don’t care. Until or unless they see you as someone who understands them and what they’re about, telling them about you will go in one ear and out the other. Stop worrying about what you will tell other people and start thinking of good questions to ask!
  2. Giving unsolicited advice. When you do this, it conveys two things at the energetic level : 1. You have poor boundaries, and 2. You have a need to feel important. Either one of these will repel people from wanting to invest with you. If they haven’t asked you for advice, don’t give it.
  3. Giving unsolicited psychic or intuitive messages to total strangers at events, the grocery store, etc. The energetics here are similar to giving unsolicited advice. It will convey to others that: 1. You have poor boundaries. 2. You have a need to feel special, and 3. Psychics and intuitives are intrusive and inappropriate.
  4. Trying to find clients at other people’s events when you aren’t a paid sponsor. The event host invested countless hours and dollars into planning and filling their event. And the sponsors have invested money to promote their businesses there. If you’re an attendee, you invested at a lower level to attend the event and receive the content. When you go with the intention of getting clients, you are basically trying to get something for free, and that energy will affect your business because that’s the kind of clients you will attract.
  5. Approaching event hosts and sponsors and trying to sell them something. Again – the event host and sponsors have contributed financially to the event in exchange for making offers there. If you’re an attendee, you did not pay for that right. And just like the situation above, the energy underneath is trying to get something you did not pay for. And again, you will start attracting people who want something for nothing to your business.
  6. Shoving your business card into people’s hands at business events. Is there even a purpose to this? Unless they asked you for it, it’s going in the trash the minute they get back to their office or clean out their purse/briefcase. And energetically they will feel neediness from you. People aren’t willing to hand their money to you when they feel you need them more than they need you!  Save a tree by only giving your card when it’s asked for – or better yet – stop carrying them altogether and make appointments with people on the spot instead!
  7. Adding people you connect with on LinkedIn or Facebook to your mailing list without their permission. Not only will this convey a desperate energy, but can also get you into legal trouble! If you think someone you meet in the Social Media world might benefit from being on your list, ask them if that would be of value to them. Now you’re being of service instead of looking like you’re desperate for followers!

There are always at least two levels to every interaction – what’s happening on the surface, and the energetic cause below it. Your potential clients will feel the energy underneath – something will feel “off” to them, even if they can’t articulate it.

Stopping any of the above behaviors could be just the “tune-up” your business needs right now!

Do you know there’s an energetic problem in your business but can’t quite figure out how to fix it? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado’s mission is to help you transform your worry and frustration about your business into Money and Meaning! Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!