How to Create Spectacular vs Dismal December Business Results

I originally published this article in 2012, and it’s as true today as it was back then!

I’m already seeing it. People started rolling out their excuses for dismal December business results in early November. I’ve talked to people who really need help with their businesses but are “too busy this time of year” to think about or plan for their business. Others rationalize that people aren’t willing to buy their products or services over the holidays, or express various other beliefs about not being able to make money at this time of year.

Early in my business I learned first-hand that it IS possible to have a very successful business month in December.Spectacular

In my first year of business I was blissfully unaware of the mass consciousness that believes December is a bad business month for service providers. I just kept moving forward with my business and finding people who needed me, and that year my December results were more than double what I had made in any other month.

It wasn’t until after I had created those results that I learned that most people’s idea of reality was that December was a hard month for coaches. So I didn’t perpetuate that belief in my mind or my actions.

And I got a much different result than most people got.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

In my case I had unconsciously stumbled across a very important truth. December can be a great business month if you protect your own thoughts and actions from all the people and messages out there that say otherwise.

Here are actions you must take to create a spectacular month in your business.

Stop listening to people who believe in dismal December results. The only thing you can learn from them is how to produce dismal December results. If you want spectacular results, you will need to take a different approach!  So only pay attention to people who are creating spectacular business results this month. And notice how they are being.

Remember that you are still a business owner in December, and, unless you have already met your income goal for the year, continue to act like a business owner. Keep talking to people, marketing, and asking people who need you to buy.

Be congruent with the results you want to produce this month. If you are expecting your customers to invest in themselves from you in December, you must be investing in yourself this month as well. If you don’t “go first,” they will sense at an energetic level that you are not someone they are willing to pay to lead them.

What kind of results will you produce in your business this month?

Do you know there’s a belief or other energetic problem in your business but can’t quite figure out how to fix it? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

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5 Business Lessons I Learned from a Clogged Toilet

I’ve been known to find business and life lessons in some very unusual places – whether it be watching a reality show or getting locked out of my house in my pajamas!

So, in true form, I found myself with a clogged toilet a few days ago. Without a toilet plunger or much of a desire to go out and buy one. And here’s what I learned…

If you pretend it isn’t happening, it won’t fix itself. Yes, I confess, for the first few Business Lessons Learnedhours I tried the “ignore it and it will go away” approach. It didn’t work. Some of you are in total denial about a problem in your business – which could ultimately result in you going out of business. Is there a problem in your business that you’re pretending isn’t a problem? If you keep doing that, what will it ultimately cost you?

If you keep trying the same thing over and over, it will not give you a new result. Confession #2 – for about 8 hours, I tried flushing the toilet about once an hour to see if it would magically work. It didn’t. Some of you are approaching your business this way. You want a new and better result and you act like you’re going to get it by doing more of the same things that got you where you are now. Guess what? It won’t work, either. Many of you tell me you want to double or even triple your income and impact. A huge shift in how you’re being and doing things is required to make that big of a jump. (If it weren’t, everyone would get those kind of results, and as you probably know, very few people do!)

There’s always a solution if you’re open to finding one and ask the right questions. Ok, so I did eventually figure out that flushing every hour wasn’t going to solve the problem. And I still didn’t feel like venturing out and buying a plunger. So I decided that there must be another solution. And there was… more on that later. But here’s the thing, I had to ask myself the right question in order to find it. Many of you are asking yourself questions that keep you stuck – questions like “Why is this happening to me? Why am I the only one that can’t figure out how to make money in my business?” Well, guess what? That question will be answered, but in a way that won’t serve you – because it will just be a list of things that are wrong with you. The question that finally led to my toilet problem being fixed was “There’s got to be another way. Where can I find it?”

There are so many resources available to support you that there’s no reason you can’t be successful. Really – how did we ever get through life without the internet? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Googled what I thought were the oddest questions and found tons of resources. So of course I Googled “How to unclog a toilet without a plunger.” Pages of helpful answers appeared! The same is true for the problem in your business. When you decide to stop pretending there is no problem and are truly open to a new solution, the solution will appear. It may be a person you “happen to” meet who can help you, a book that falls off the shelf when you’re walking by it, or a program offer that lands in your email. If you have a desire and a problem in the way, there’s a resource out there that can help you.   Are you “calling in” resources? And then are you saying “yes” to actually using them?  Or are you making excuses why you can’t?

And last but not least, the lesson that “just keeps giving and giving” in my own journey…

If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. It wasn’t until I “asked” for a solution that I actually received one that solved my problem. Asking is a HUGE part of your business success, especially in the area of business people tend to avoid the most – sales – which also happens to be the only area of your business that will bring in the money you want to make. I’ve written before about  lessons I’ve learned about asking – and yes, they just keep coming! I recently sponsored an event, and after speaking on the stage and making an offer, a couple of people who had not purchased wandered up to my booth “just to chat” and tell me how much they enjoyed what I shared on stage. After their feedback, I asked them “Would you like my offer for yourself?” They both said yes and purchased it. I realized after the fact that they would not have told me they were interested if I hadn’t straight out asked them. They wouldn’t have received the support from me and I wouldn’t have received the income from them. Where are you stopping short of asking in your business that is preventing you from making your goals?

For those of you who are still reading because you want to know how I finally unclogged my toilet – shampoo and hot water! Simply squirt a bunch of shampoo in the bowl, dump some hot water in there, and let it sit for a few minutes. And then – like magic – it unclogs itself!

Apply the lessons I shared above, and get rid of the “clogs” that stand in the way of the business results you want!

Do you know there’s problem in your business but can’t quite figure out how to fix it? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

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7 Desperate Acts that Get you Nowhere in Your Business

There’s so much more to creating success in your business than meets the eye! There’s an entire energetic story going on underneath the actions you take that you might not even be aware of.

When your business isn’t doing as well as you would like, it might be tempting to take actions that seem logical, but will in fact be interpreted energetically by others in opposite very different way than you think!

Here are seven things you might be tempted to do to grow your business that will actually prevent you from reaching your business goals.Desperate Acts

Warning: the list below is not for the faint of heart. If “you can’t handle the truth!” you might want to skip this one!

  1. Spending your time at networking events telling people all about you, your credentials, and your business.  Sorry – but, they really don’t care. Until or unless they see you as someone who understands them and what they’re about, telling them about you will go in one ear and out the other. Stop worrying about what you will tell other people and start thinking of good questions to ask!
  2. Giving unsolicited advice. When you do this, it conveys two things at the energetic level : 1. You have poor boundaries, and 2. You have a need to feel important. Either one of these will repel people from wanting to invest with you. If they haven’t asked you for advice, don’t give it.
  3. Giving unsolicited psychic or intuitive messages to total strangers at events, the grocery store, etc. The energetics here are similar to giving unsolicited advice. It will convey to others that: 1. You have poor boundaries. 2. You have a need to feel special, and 3. Psychics and intuitives are intrusive and inappropriate.
  4. Trying to find clients at other people’s events when you aren’t a paid sponsor. The event host invested countless hours and dollars into planning and filling their event. And the sponsors have invested money to promote their businesses there. If you’re an attendee, you invested at a lower level to attend the event and receive the content. When you go with the intention of getting clients, you are basically trying to get something for free, and that energy will affect your business because that’s the kind of clients you will attract.
  5. Approaching event hosts and sponsors and trying to sell them something. Again – the event host and sponsors have contributed financially to the event in exchange for making offers there. If you’re an attendee, you did not pay for that right. And just like the situation above, the energy underneath is trying to get something you did not pay for. And again, you will start attracting people who want something for nothing to your business.
  6. Shoving your business card into people’s hands at business events. Is there even a purpose to this? Unless they asked you for it, it’s going in the trash the minute they get back to their office or clean out their purse/briefcase. And energetically they will feel neediness from you. People aren’t willing to hand their money to you when they feel you need them more than they need you!  Save a tree by only giving your card when it’s asked for – or better yet – stop carrying them altogether and make appointments with people on the spot instead!
  7. Adding people you connect with on LinkedIn or Facebook to your mailing list without their permission. Not only will this convey a desperate energy, but can also get you into legal trouble! If you think someone you meet in the Social Media world might benefit from being on your list, ask them if that would be of value to them. Now you’re being of service instead of looking like you’re desperate for followers!

There are always at least two levels to every interaction – what’s happening on the surface, and the energetic cause below it. Your potential clients will feel the energy underneath – something will feel “off” to them, even if they can’t articulate it.

Stopping any of the above behaviors could be just the “tune-up” your business needs right now!

Do you know there’s an energetic problem in your business but can’t quite figure out how to fix it? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado’s mission is to help you transform your worry and frustration about your business into Money and Meaning! Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

LOVE and Your Business By Debbie Delgado

Have you ever gotten so caught up in your busyness that you totally forget why you started your business in the first place?  It’s incredibly easy to do – you get caught up in all the many things it takes to run a business, all the new strategies you’re learning, and everything you’re doing to keep things running and money coming in.

It’s easy to start treating everything in your business as just another thing to do.  And to get so caught up in them that you start feeling all over again like you did when you worked for someone else – “When will this day be over?”  “When can I stop working?”  “When is my next

vacation?”… I think you get the picture here.

When was the last time you thought about the love that inspired you to start doing what you’re doing?

Love is what inspires most entrepreneurs to start a business.

Love of helping people in your special and unique way. Love of seeing your clients finally solve problems they’ve been struggling with for years. Love of the independence and freedom that comes with having your own business. Love of the infinite opportunity to create what you want. Love of being in charge of your own destiny.

My love is helping see the truth about what’s going on with them so they can address the real issues that are holding them back. Allowing people to see things they’ve been avoiding looking at that will change everything for them. And helping catapult their ways of thinking and being so they can live the lives they truly want to live. I love doing that!

What do you love about what you do for a living? Have you “forgotten?”

Another way love is important in our businesses is that each of us loves to express and market ourselves and what we are here to do in very different ways. Often the way you love to do it is what will actually get you the best results.

I love words. I love growth. I love directness. I love telling the truth – even when it’s not the popular thing to do! And when I bring those 4 qualities into my presentations and conversations with people, they get excited about what they can create and usually say yes to the support I offer.

Do you give yourself permission to market your business in ways you love? Are you remembering to express the love that you are in your marketing and your conversations with people who might become your clients?

Every time I’ve offered something to my clients that I’m truly in love with, they buy. And when I make an offer that feels more like a “should,” they don’t. What’s missing in this second scenario? Love.

Are the offers you’re making to people ones you truly love and are inspired by?

Or – have you forgotten the love, and become robotic, following your systems and procedures, and getting dismal results?

The people you are here to serve can feel the difference.

You can feel the difference.

And your pocketbook will definitely tell you the difference.

What is one way you will start bringing love back into your business today?

Not quite sure how to bring the love back to your business so you can have everything you want?   Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado’s mission is to help you transform your worry and frustration about your business into Money and Meaning! Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

What To Do When the Money Just Isn’t Flowing…
By Debbie Delgado

What To Do When the Money Just Isn’t Flowing…

I’ve been noticing a trend lately as I talk to business owners – especially those who are in the newer stages of business. Getting those first few clients and getting into a rhythm with your sales Money Flowing Debbie Delgadoand marketing is a hurdle many new business owners struggle with. Unfortunately, a good percentage of them never fully resolve this issue, which ultimately leads to closing their business doors and going back to working for someone else, with their tail between their legs and their dreams shattered .

It’s a terrible shame, as they are so often truly gifted people who have something wonderful and needed to share with the world.

So, what can you do when you’re just starting out to make sure you don’t end up being the main character in this all-too-common saga?

Here are 5 ways you can avoid that happening to you!

Solution #1: Forget the fancy bells and whistles! When you’re just starting out, you’re in what we call a “need money now” situation. The only thing that stands between you and money coming in is you getting out there and talking to people who might need what you have to offer. Every fancy website, business card, and online marketing system you put time into at this stage of your business merely lengthens the amount of time between you needing money and you having it. You can either spend months building that online system, which will then take weeks or months to bring customers to you (if it ever does), or you can talk directly with people who need to hire you right now!

Solution #2: Quit working on your elevator speech! I can’t tell you how many new business owners share with me that they just don’t know what to “tell” people about them and their business, so they avoid talking to potential clients at all. Here’s the thing – nobody wants you to tell them anything! They are looking for someone to listen to them. Think about it – how often in today’s world do you really feel heard? People are absolutely craving this and the more you do it, the more brilliant they will think you are! Ask and listen. Get out there and start asking people about their problems and what they need. And really listen to what they’re telling you. Then, if you have a solution, offer it to them.

Solution #3: Quit trying to copy other people! Know what works for you. If you already know your Manifesting Design, use it to market your business more effectively! If you don’t, track your results – there are lots of clues there for you! If you already have some clients or customers, take a close look at where they came from. If they were from speaking engagements, book more speaking engagements. If you met them while networking, do more of that! If they were referrals, start creating more partnerships. If you haven’t yet had any customers in your new business, look to past businesses or successes you’ve had. There are so many different ways to market a business that it can be absolutely overwhelming. And scattering your precious time and energy across 15 different strategies is sure to lengthen the amount of time between you and the money you need now.!

Solution #4: Quit taking advice from people who don’t know! I see this all the time – especially in coaching program forums. Sometimes there are hundreds of people who are all in the same boat – getting results they don’t want – and they are all giving each other advice.. Are you familiar with the term “the blind leading the blind?” You see a lot of this in the coaching world – a group of brand-new coaches, none of whom are making any money, decide to “mastermind” together and support each other in growing their businesses. Need I say more here?

Solution #5: Stop deluding yourself! I’ve had conversations with business owners who later end up closing their doors and getting a job. The last words I usually hear from them are “I can do this on my own.” Doing more of what’s already not working is simply insane. Every successful business owner I know hired people who were ahead of them in the game. Get the support you need!

Which solution will you take action on today?

Ready to make this whole business of making launching your business or income easier? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado’s mission is to help you transform your worry and frustration about your business into Money and Meaning! Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

Are you Lying to Yourself? By Debbie Delgado

Are you Lying to Yourself?

Have you ever found yourself thinking “Whose life am I really living?”

Believe me, I’ve been there!  I’ve been in a “great job” where I couldn’t fully express who I am.  I’ve been in a long-term relationship that looked great to everyone else but was killing my soul one day at a time… You get the picture.

But lately, I’ve been experiencing the opposite – an incredible appreciation for the life I’ve created.Debbie Delgado

Incredible clients I love working with who love investing in themselves and transforming their lives.  The freedom to create my own schedule.  Time to relax and indulge in the things I love.  A great excuse for indulging my expensive personal growth habit.  The beautiful view out my office window.  Close friends I love spending time with.   New and improved relationships with my family and children.

I have created a life and business that I truly love and enjoy!

And I just realized the reason why it keeps getting better and better – I’m finally being honest with myself about the life I want! And the life I want and love probably doesn’t look like the one anyone else thinks I should want!

I grew up in a town where most people are living a life they think they should want. It’s expected that you should want to live in certain neighborhoods, work for certain companies, go to certain churches and restaurants, and drive certain cars.

Interestingly – even in the industry I’m in, which is all about conscious entrepreneurism, the “should wants” abound. People strive like crazy to reach the 7 figure mark. The success standard has become non-stop work, bigger and bigger support teams, and more and more elaborate business systems.

It’s not what I want. My reasons for helping people and making money are my own. I want to indulge my own love of learning and passing my new knowledge onto others so they can create lives they love, as well as the incomes they will need to do that. I want to have time to relax and enjoy my life. I want to give to causes I care about.

There’s a major employer in my town that provides middle income jobs to a high percentage of the population. When you talk to the employees many of them hate their jobs, complain about the company, and dread going to work every Monday.

But when you ask them why they continue to work there, they answer “I’m scared to leave and do something else.” They never say “I want to work there.”

When you’re “everywhere but here” (the running to-do list in your head, or the constant reliving of past events that are no longer happening), it’s pretty easy to lose your connection to you and what you want for your life, and you just go into “default” mode, which is what everyone else “tells” you you should want. It’s like you are letting others and the environment around you think for you, and your daily actions move you toward what “they” want for you.

And suddenly you find yourself living someone else’s life. Staying at a job that everyone else thinks you should have. Or going for a goal that people above you think you should want. Or staying in a relationship that others tell you is good enough.

So, remembering what you want does actually require you to slow yourself down and get present with you.

When was the last time you did that?

Take a look at the life you are living right now – where you are living, what you do every day to earn money, how you spend your time and who you spend time with.

Does it reflect your true desires?

Or does it reflect the “shoulds” that you’ve accepted from other people?

Your parents?
Your spouse?
Your friends?
Your neighbors?
Your company?
Your coworkers?
Your boss?
Everyone but you?

Have you been lying to you?

Does it take courage to live the life you want? Do other people judge you through their own fears about standing up for what they want? Hell, yes!

But what can give you the courage to do it anyway?

Going after something that will give you what you really, really want.

So the important question for you is — What is that for you?

When was the last time you gave some real thought and attention to what you really want? How you want to live? And what you want to invest your time and money?

It all begins there…

Will you do it now?

If your life feels like a lie and you need support to change that, Contact Kathy today to see if we can help!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado’s mission is to help you transform your worry and frustration about your business into Money and Meaning! Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!

Are You Asking? By Debbie Delgado

Asking… This is a huge topic that could go in so many different directions! I do a lot of sales training with my clients, and learning to ask good questions is critical to bringing clients into your business.

But today I’d like to address a different aspect of asking. Something that has certainly been a recurring lesson in my journey. It’s something that might be really helpful for you as well.

Several years ago, I participated in a very intense workshop experience with one of my business coaches. It was a 5-day event, and every evening we had to approach total strangers and ask them for money.

This exercise scared the crap out of me! It took me 3 days to even work up the courage to approach anyone. And I owned a fairly successful coaching business at that time! By day 5 I was getting a bit braver about approaching people and even was able to score a few dollars. My biggest aha’s from this experience were: 1.  I really wasn’t doing a lot of asking clients to work with me in my business.  2.  I wasn’t asking people to pay me what I really wanted to earn, and 3.  Sometimes people want to be asked again after an initial “no.”  (Yes, someone actually chased me down the street to give me money because it never dawned on my that they just wanted to be asked again).

When I returned to my business, I doubled my previous income almost immediately.

A few years later, I had an aha moment in a VIP Day with my coach that I still wasn’t always asking for what I wanted – even in small, seemingly insignificant ways in my life. Believe it or not, it was a huge breakthrough for me to approach a vendor in the airport and ask for a bag of ice after I twisted my ankle walking through the airport! I realized there are so many times in my life that I would rather “suffer” than ask for help.

Fast forward to this year, and another coaching program I’m participating in. One of our assignments was to call someone and ask for their help with something. Without offering anything in return! Once again, I was shocked that this felt like a stretch for me!

Okay … so maybe I’m a slow learner!

But here’s the thing.

If you’re not asking for what you want, then essentially you’re “asking” for something else – usually what you don’t want!

When I wasn’t asking people to buy, I was “asking” for and receiving a lower income. And when I wasn’t asking for help when I hurt my ankle, I was “asking for” and receiving a swollen, throbbing ankle.

Some of you are “asking” to stay in a job you no longer love because you’re not asking for the help you need to start a business you would love.

And some of you are receiving a paltry business income because you’re not asking people to buy from you. Or you’re not asking for the fees you really want from your clients. Or you’re not asking for and receiving the help you need to grow your business.

Think about something you want that you’re not currently getting in your life or business. What are you not asking for that’s causing that result?Ask Debbie Delgado

Asking is the starting point for receiving.

The Universe is friendly and is more than happy to deliver to you opportunities for getting what you want. I’ve had to learn that lesson many times over the years. And I’ve been continually delighted when I finally actually ask! Just the other day I asked for a couple things I wanted from the organizer of an event I’m sponsoring, and they immediately changed the entire contract to include what I asked for. Just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have even asked.
Good things happen when you simply ask for what you want.

Where are YOU stopping short?

Is something preventing you from asking and you can’t quite figure out what it is? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help!

You have my permission to use this post. All I ask is that you include the following at the end: Debbie Delgado’s mission is to help you transform your worry and frustration about your business into Money and Meaning! Get started now! Don’t miss this chance to learn from Debbie absolutely FREE — Get FREE Access Now!