Tools for Creating MORE

Tools to help you more easily create abundance in your life and business!

Soul Realignment™

This option is for those of you who don’t feel aligned to your soul’s purpose or are feeling like the same challenges keep stopping you again and again from getting the results you want.

Do you sometimes feel like there is “something more?” Are you interested in discovering more about yourself at a deeper level? Our soul’s origin reveals essential information that helps us understand ourselves at a profound level.

already seeing results!

“I had my Soul Realignment session only 3 days ago, and I’m already seeing results!  I feel so much better and my mind and heart are more peaceful.  This was just from the original session  - I haven’t even started the homework yet, so I can’t wait to see  what happens when I do!”

Nancy Johnson
Mary Kay

Manifesting Design

This is for those of you who keep unsuccessfully trying solutions that work for other people. Knowing how you are uniquely designed to manifest will help you create strategies that actually work for you!
Tools to help you more easily create abundance in your life and business!

The Manifesting Design experience with Debbie was life changing!

“The Manifesting Design experience with Debbie was life changing!  In all dimensions, most certainly business, I am leading with my uniqueness and loving it. I’m clearer on the value I provide my clients – and HOW to continue generating that value in a way that best supports me. Since I’m no longer second guessing myself, my ability to connect powerfully with my clients is unleashed, and they confidently pay for my services. Immediately after working with Debbie, I ramped up my virtual assistant support, deepened collaboration with some amazing entrepreneurs, and have developed two new programs, which just launched. AND - new clients are flowing in!  I’m celebrating how energizing and more enjoyable everything is when I honor my own Soul gifts and design!”

Dr. Melanie Ohm, CEO
Concepts Consulting Group, Inc.

Property Clearing

Does your home or office space not feel quite “right?” Are you trying to sell a property without much success? Have you recently moved and want to clear the energies of previous residents? Over time, places and objects accumulate energetic residue that can create negative influences. Property clearing harmonize the environment.

I’m on target to double my income and impact this month!

It’s been just 5 weeks since my Soul Realignment session, and I’m on target to double my income and impact this month! I’m playing bigger already – I hosted a hugely successful Crossfit Competition at my gym last week (first one where I was totally on purpose!), and am amazed at how much more bold and confident I’ve become. I’m delegating more of what I’m not here to do, which is freeing me up to do my real purpose of inspiring the people I am here to serve! I’m no longer afraid of conflict, which is allowing me to be more authentic and have much-needed conversations with people in my life. I am now honoring my authentic self - rather than resisting – because I remember who I am. I am enjoying watching my journey of growth! In short, I’m making so many more choices that serve me and my mission, and I’m seeing the results!

Janelle Ragusa
Fit Bodies CrossFit & Personal Training