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Debbie Delgado- The Entrepreneur Launcher Announces Office Move to Eugene, Oregon

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Entrepreneur Podcast Network: How to Keep Your Deep Dark Secrets From Sabotaging Your Business
Entrepreneur Podcast Network: Position Yourself as an Expert
Entrepreneur Podcast Network: Helping Women Create More Money and Meaning in Their Business
New Rules: Shift Gears Be Controversial and Stand Out
WJBC FM 93.7- Broadview
Webtalk Radio- No BS It Really is in Your Head
Blog Talk Radio- Midday Conversations
Energy of the Spirit- Be Present

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TIW: What Lies Underneath Matters
TIW: Are You Being Who You Need to Be in Your Business?
Carol The Biggest Challenges Facing Small Businesses (#42) Entrepreneurs Avoided (#41)
The Community Word

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Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine: Sales is Not a Dirt Word
Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine: Are You Willing to Change Your Thinking to Create the Business You want?

Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine: Will You Achieve Your Business Vision OR Rationalize Your Current Situation?

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