Here in the U.S., we celebrate Independence Day tomorrow.

And that’s got me thinking…

Due to the events going on in our world right now, we are all being challenged in our independence.

Because there is a TON of judgment going on.

As we saw after 911, there was a brief period of oneness after the pandemic began.

And then, as seems to often happen in our world, that sense of oneness very quickly devolved into polarization and division.

And judgment is being lobbed around from every direction.

This can make it very challenging, even for those of us who’ve  been expanding our consciousness for years, to stay strongly connected to who we know we are.

Yes, it is wise for each of us to do our own homework, look at the facts, and then decide where we personally stand on current issues.

Andwe must stay true to ourselves – who we are at our core.  The beautiful, unique being that each and every one of us is.

In what ways might you be letting others’ judgements of you take you off your game right now?

How might you be allowing others’ fears, judgments, and shame rattle you and make you question your own sense of self?

I am all for growth and evolution, and aspire every day to walk my talk of expanding my own consciousness.  So, I do believe it’s important for us to question ourselves as we move through life.

And yet, it is easier right now than ever, with fears and emotions amplified, to slip back into letting others opinions of you take hold, and to start making decision based on their opinions instead of your own inner wisdom.

So, my reminder to you today is to stay true to you.

I invite you to take a few moments today to explore where you might be straying from you because of the people and opinions around you.

And to recommit to who you know who you are.  To choosing and deciding from that place.

So – no matter where you are in the world right now – Happy Independence Day to you!