Tools to help you more easily create abundance in your life and business!

Soul Realignment™

This option is for those of you who don’t feel aligned to your soul’s purpose or are feeling like the same challenges keep stopping you again and again from getting the results you want.

Do you sometimes feel like there is “something more?” Are you interested in discovering more about yourself at a deeper level? Our soul’s origin reveals essential information that helps us understand ourselves at a profound level.

I’m more confident, clearer-thinking, and happier

"I’m amazed at the energy shift I’ve had since my Soul Realignment™ session with Debbie! I’m more confident, clearer-thinking, and happier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m thinking so differently! I’m no longer intimidated by people who used to intimidate me, and I feel like I’m participating in everything I do more fully. And I’m laughing more – which feels amazing! Other people are noticing the changes in me, too, which is great to see! This process was truly life-altering for me!

Colleen Tucker
Power in Peace Reiki

Manifesting Design

This is for those of you who keep unsuccessfully trying solutions that work for other people. Knowing how you are uniquely designed to manifest will help you create strategies that actually work for you!
Tools to help you more easily create abundance in your life and business!

August was the BIGGEST month in my business.

August was the BIGGEST month in my business. I hit a new rank!! I had 66.2% growth since July, 9 new distributors and 38 customers (I had been averaging 2-3 distributors and 20 customers) I launched a Stress less September 30 day series in our Facebook group focused on educating all about eliminating stress through mindset, environment, nutrition and habits! With lots of live videos! And I recorded a new business-focused presentation for my team, which led to the 9 new distributors and has been a powerful tool for generating business builders. And I'm doing this as a live webinar once a week!

All of this while I and my daughter had a viral flu at the start of August, so I had a lot of downtime!

I'm so grateful for all the clarity and guidance you gave me in the manifesting design coaching session. The impact has been incredible!

Karen Murphy

Property Clearing

Does your home or office space not feel quite “right?” Are you trying to sell a property without much success? Have you recently moved and want to clear the energies of previous residents? Over time, places and objects accumulate energetic residue that can create negative influences. Property clearing harmonize the environment.

already seeing results!

“I had my Soul Realignment session only 3 days ago, and I’m already seeing results!  I feel so much better and my mind and heart are more peaceful.  This was just from the original session  - I haven’t even started the homework yet, so I can’t wait to see  what happens when I do!”

Nancy Johnson
Mary Kay