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As promised in my last article, I’m dedicating my 2014 Your Business Matters to teaching you how to grow your business to six figures or multiple six figures using Sponsorships and Speaking —  everything  from how to choose sponsorships, to what to do leading up to events, to how to have effective conversations that lead to sales, to 2nd year sponsorship strategies.

And remember, you can submit any questions you have about this marketing strategy here, as I will use your questions as my article topics in the months to come.

So, here’s today’s question:  “Debbie, why did you choose sponsoring and speaking to market your business?”

Great question!  For me, choosing this strategy had everything to do with overwhelm.  I was bombarded with so many different strategies for growing my business that my head started spinning.  Social media, article marketing, networking, teleseminars, joint ventures, hosting events, local speaking, pay-per-click, etc.  The options I was hearing about were endless and I found myself dabbling in several of these with very little results.  Not to mention the hours I spent agonizing about the possibilities and which ones I should choose for my business.

I have to admit, when my coach first suggested I start sponsoring and speaking at other people’s events, I was totally turned off by the idea.  The thought of sitting at a booth all day waiting for people to come talk to me made me want to stick a hot fork in my eye.

But I gave it a try – well, not just a try – in my first 12 months I sponsored 7 events and invested over $100,000, and in the process I realized that once I knew what I was doing, I could focus in on this one strategy and meet my goals of connecting with the people I am meant to serve and make the multiple six figure income I wanted.

And I could get out of the stress and overwhelm of learning and implementing 10 or 20 different marketing strategies in order to get those results? And THAT frees me up to do more of what I love – helping my wonderful clients grow their lives and businesses!

In the process, I’ve discovered that sponsoring and speaking actually does allow me to market myself in a way that feels authentic to me.  I’ve learned how to select the best events for my business, goals, and personal style, design my space in a way that reflects who I am, and have the meaningful, intimate conversations that help my ideal clients find me.

And now that I have all my systems in place for using this strategy, I can use it over and over again to create the results I want.  So I can focus my attention on what I really love doing – coaching clients I truly enjoy serving.

If you are in that place of overwhelm about the 100s of ways to market your business, I encourage you to give this approach a try!

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