One of many lessons on my entrepreneurial journey has been discovering how my “rules” can hold me back.

Until just this past year, I had a rule about calling potential clients on Saturdays.  Even though I was meeting potential clients at events I sponsored, many of which take place on weekends, I was holding onto a rule that you only make business calls during the week and during certain hours.

Imagine my surprise when I finally broke this rule and found that many of my potential clients are actually easier to reach on the weekends!  And wouldn’t that make sense, considering I serve busy entrepreneurs?Rules

And yet, it took me years to actually make this change.  That’s because it was a “rule” that I carried with me from my years of being employed by other people. A rule that seemed to be common sense, so it took me a long time to notice and question it.  In 2013 I finally figured out that following that rule was actually hurting my business.

Entrepreneurs become business owners because they want very different results in their lives than most people create.  Yet when you try to drag all of the “rules” that are common for most people into your business, you simply won’t get the results you want.  Instead, you’ll get the results most people have – the very results you rejected when you started your own business!

As a business owner, you need to examine every rule you  live by.  And some of these rules are such a habit for you that they may be hard for you to spot!

Here are some rules that may be holding you back:

I must have a business card and pretty website before I start selling in my business.
I must have my packages and programs perfectly created before I start selling them.
Becoming a better coach/consultant (whatever you do in your business) is the way to bring in more business and help more people.
I can only invest in one program at a time.
Slow, incremental growth is the only realistic way to build a business.
My business income will go down if I charge what I’m worth.
I must build relationships with potential clients slowly.
Being liked by potential clients is the way to attract them to my business.
I must “resonate” with people I hire to help me with my business.
People aren’t willing to think about growing their lives and businesses during November and December.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Which ones might be holding you back from the income and impact you desire?

And which ones did you think “Well, of course that’s the rule!  That’s common sense!”

THOSE are likely the ones you most need to look at!

Guess what common sense gets you?  That’s right – common results.  If you wanted those, you wouldn’t even be reading this newsletter.

Here’s a great exercise to start your new year.  Take a look at any area of your life or business where you want a different result than the one you got in 2013.

What “rule” will you have to change to finally create it?

Ready to break some serious rules and multiply your income in 2014?  Apply for a conversation with Debbie and see if she can help!

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