I originally published this article in 2012, and it’s as true today as it was back then!

I’m already seeing it. People started rolling out their excuses for dismal December business results in early November. I’ve talked to people who really need help with their businesses but are “too busy this time of year” to think about or plan for their business. Others rationalize that people aren’t willing to buy their products or services over the holidays, or express various other beliefs about not being able to make money at this time of year.

Early in my business I learned first-hand that it IS possible to have a very successful business month in December.Spectacular

In my first year of business I was blissfully unaware of the mass consciousness that believes December is a bad business month for service providers. I just kept moving forward with my business and finding people who needed me, and that year my December results were more than double what I had made in any other month.

It wasn’t until after I had created those results that I learned that most people’s idea of reality was that December was a hard month for coaches. So I didn’t perpetuate that belief in my mind or my actions.

And I got a much different result than most people got.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

In my case I had unconsciously stumbled across a very important truth. December can be a great business month if you protect your own thoughts and actions from all the people and messages out there that say otherwise.

Here are actions you must take to create a spectacular month in your business.

Stop listening to people who believe in dismal December results. The only thing you can learn from them is how to produce dismal December results. If you want spectacular results, you will need to take a different approach!  So only pay attention to people who are creating spectacular business results this month. And notice how they are being.

Remember that you are still a business owner in December, and, unless you have already met your income goal for the year, continue to act like a business owner. Keep talking to people, marketing, and asking people who need you to buy.

Be congruent with the results you want to produce this month. If you are expecting your customers to invest in themselves from you in December, you must be investing in yourself this month as well. If you don’t “go first,” they will sense at an energetic level that you are not someone they are willing to pay to lead them.

What kind of results will you produce in your business this month?

Do you know there’s a belief or other energetic problem in your business but can’t quite figure out how to fix it? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

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