I’ve been faithfully sending my ezine to my readers every two weeks for the last 7 years.  And two weeks ago I didn’t send one.  The story I told myself was that I was so busy that I didn’t have time to write my article.

It just struck me today why I REALLY didn’t send it.  And this realization could help YOU get over one of your major obstacles in growing your business.

In Truth, I have been experiencing amazing success in my business for the last two months.  I’ve had new and amazing clients coming to me “out of nowhere,” and I’ve tripled my income.Success

And  — all of this comes on the heels of a 2014 that was a year of incredible growth and chaos for me.  You might remember that last year I finally sought therapy for sexual abuse issues that occurred nearly 40 years ago.  I left my partner of 20 years, and my children ex-communicated me.  I am incredibly proud that I was able to maintain a 6-figure plus business in the midst of all of the chaos!  All of my investments in my own coaching (countless hours and over $200,000 in the last few years alone) paid off in a big way to keep me afloat.

I grew immensely during the last year – I had to in order to keep moving forward!  I recently began closely following my own manifesting design, and am now enjoying the rewards of both of those things.  I am FINALLY experiencing what one of my coaches has been saying for years – “Making money is easy!”

Back to my insight about why I’ve been “avoiding“ you and what this has to do with your business. I now realize I was avoiding you because I’m experiencing so much success in my business right now. And I didn’t want to “alienate” you by being so successful.

I know it might sound weird and totally illogical for a coach who helps others grow their income and impact to not want to share her own success with her tribe, but that’s actually what was going on (subconsciously). It’s a new version of something that stopped me from making a lot of money early in my business that’s now popping up again as I up-level myself and my business yet again.

And it might just be stopping you as well. Because deep down many of us are afraid of being too much more successful than the family members and friends that we love so dearly. And without even realizing it, we subtly sabotage our results to avoid doing that.

I “resolved” that whole issue for myself a while back, but lo and behold, as I continue to up-level, it reappeared in a new “disguise.” And it took me a few weeks to recognize it.

When your life lesson is all about learning to love yourself – and I can assure you that if you are one of my readers you likely fit that bill – growing through the challenge I’m talking about here is something you, too, will need to do. Not just once, but every time you desire to play bigger in your life and your business.

You see, when you don’t love yourself enough, whether you realize it or not, you depend on others to fill that need for you. And anything that might cause them to “love” you less (e.g., you making more money or being happier than them) triggers your fear of them taking their love away. And you find a very “logical” way to stop moving forward. A “story” that fits the bill – like mine about not having enough time to write my article two weeks ago.

The Truth is that my success is a shining example of what you, too, can achieve. There is nothing “special” about me that says I can have incredible success and you can’t. And I’m not just “lucky,” either. It has taken me years of personal growth and awareness of my own soul purpose and unique manifesting design to create the success I’m experiencing. And not just awareness – but the application of what I’ve learned in my everyday actions.

So I’m “outing” myself here and letting you know that I’m very proud of what I’ve created here, and am truly enjoying the results that I’m seeing in my life and business. I’m also incredibly proud of the deep work I do with my clients so they can experience the same in their lives and businesses in a faster and less expensive way than I did.

Is it time for you to examine your own patterns and get clear on whether a fear of “outshining” others in your life, or of setting yourself apart from them is what’s causing you to play smaller than you really are?

2015 is going to be an incredible year for those of you who are ready to step up and share the YOU that the world is anxiously waiting for. I am ready, and I’m taking action.

Will you join me in doing that?

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