I’ve seen it time and time again.  You started your business because you wanted to contribute to the world in some unique way.  You help people better their lives or businesses in a big way.  But you’re frustrated by your financial results or are not making your income goals.

Sound familiar?

The thing that will solve your problem is making more sales in your business.  Or perhaps raising your fees and then making more sales.  Or even restructuring your services and making more sales.  See a theme here?

Plain and simple – in order for you to keep providing your wonderful product or service to the people who are in need of it, you need to stay in business!  And in order to do that, you need to be selling your product or service.

And that’s where the problem comes in.  You would rather do just about anything in your business other than making sales.  You’d rather build a new website, create a new product, network, answer emails, take a class – the list is endless!

What is it about the idea of making sales that sends us running?  Could it be that somewhere along the way we learned that sales is dirty?  Unethical?  Pushy?  Something you do to someone?

It seems that many of us hold the stereotype of a pushy used car salesman in our mind, and we would rather die than see ourselves that way.

Well, guess what?  If you don’t change your mind about sales, your business will die!  And all of those people out there who are waiting to be served by you will have to go without.

Is it time to reframe how you think about sales?

What if selling doesn’t have to feel dirty?

What if selling is just a transaction that takes place between someone who has a problem and the person who has the solution?

What if selling is just a conversation between you and a person who might need your help?  And your job is to uncover that person’s needs to see if you can help them?

What if offering your unique solution is actually your responsibility?

You are here to help people transform their lives in some way, or you wouldn’t have started your business.  And the only way to get them that help is by having a conversation.  And uncovering their needs.  And asking them to buy the solution.

If you’re not selling, you’re not letting them have the transformation!

How do you choose to see sales as you move forward in your business? 

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