This morning I had a conversation with a Soul Realignment client who told me she doesn’t really know what she wants for herself.

She then went on to tell me what she does want and every single item had a qualifying statement right behind it that told her why she “shouldn’t want it.”

This scenario is a common one, so I’d like to address it for all of you!  Because my guess is that many of you are denying what you really want in some area of your life or business.  If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this article – you’d be out there living your dream life and dream business right now!

So, here’s the thing.  We all have two voices that “talk to us” on a regular basis.  One is your Soul, reminding you that you’re here to experience more life – what you can have and experience is limitless.  And the other is your “head” voice – that part of you that is basically just a big database of ideas other people and “reality” has loaded into you – telling you “hey – you’re and surviving – just settle for that!”

So you have your Soul voice, which is always guiding you toward the life and business you would truly love.  And you have your head voice, which is the voice that simply feeds back to you the programming you’ve received from others and the experiences you’ve had in the past.

One of these voices leads you to more life, and a bigger life.  A life filled with happiness, peace, Debbie Delgado- Yes Voiceand prosperity.

And the other leads you to the same old, same old.  Or even worse, a life that is actually shrinking instead of growing.  A life with less and less happiness, more and more stress, or a shrinking income.

The Soul voice encourages you to change what you’re doing.  To go for something new, to say “yes!”  to the things that will take you there.

And the head voice tells you things like:

“You’ve already got enough.”

“You should be happy with what you have.”

“You’ve already got more than a lot of people do.”

Your Soul whispers to you that you want a job or business that you love and are passionate about.  And your head says “Just be thankful for the job/business you already have.  Some people don’t even have jobs right now!”

Here’s the problem.  Your head has only one goal.  And that’s to keep you alive.  It doesn’t care about the quality of your life – you can be in pure survival mode – even just one step above death, and its fine with that.  Any change is a threat to that part of you.  After all, you’re alive right now – why rock the boat?

But your Soul wants more.  It knows you’re here to live an amazing life, and that the possibilities for you are endless.  It’s the “Yes!” voice that whispers to you to dream big, try new things, and change your life.

Some of you are experiencing that horrible feeling of your Soul dying a little bit each day.  You’re spending the precious and irreplaceable hours of your life doing work you don’t love, or in a relationship that doesn’t nourish you, in a home you hate, or making way less money than you want.  You’re watching other people live full-out, and you’re not listening to your Soul.  And you’re justifying playing small because your life is “good enough.”

You’re listening to your head voice, and ignoring your Soul voice.

What is that really costing you?

Is it time to listen to your other voice now?

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