Someone sent me a hilarious video last week parodying all of the conformity going on in the conscious coaching industry right now.  I had a great laugh, but it also got me thinking…

Every day I talk to people who want more success in their businesses.  And I offer some pretty unique solutions to help them get what they want.  But I see too many of them turn instead to “tried and true” strategies and formulas that don’t end up working for them.  And a few years down the road I see many of those same people getting a job because their business isn’t supporting them!

And that’s because…

Trying to be normal will keep you playing small and staying broke!

Many of you know I’ve invested a LOT of time and money learning from the very best coaches and mentors as I’ve grown my business.  And I’ve learned a lot!

But even the most successful mentors have encouraged me to do things that did not work for me and my business.  And I’ve since discovered that some of those strategies never will.

Deep in your Soul, at the level of your most authentic self, you are not like anyone else.  Part of you already knows this.  And yet too often your actions often come from a different place.  A place of trying to be like other people.  A place of being afraid to be who you really are, with all of the things that make you beautifully and gloriously weird and unique.

What would really happen if you stepped out and showed us who you really are?

People are often shocked yet delighted when I tell them I have two favorite radio stations I listeDebbie Delgadon to while driving.  One is Backspin – a 90’s hip hop station.  And the other is Joel Osteen.  And I love both of them!

Deliciously weird, right?

It wasn’t until I started to understand and accept who I really am that things started to get much easier in my business.  Because what works for me isn’t necessarily what works for other people.

And it wasn’t until I started being true to my own unique gifts and design for getting those gifts out into the world that I was able to start drawing my perfect clients to me like a magnet.  It’s almost been magical the way this has worked!

The truth is – the people who are looking for YOU will not be able to find you if you act like everyone else and do things the way everyone else does them.  You will never play as big as you want while you masquerade as “normal.”  You will never truly impact as many people as you want.  And your finances will either stay the same, or even shrink.

Is it time for the real you to come out and play?

There are two challenges to taking what I’m saying here and putting it into action.

First of all – it takes a lot of courage to stop pretending to be normal.  You will stand out.  And most people won’t step through the fear of doing that.

And secondly, most of you don’t even remember who you really are.  The you you’ve been pretending to be for much of your life is so far from the authentic you that you can’t even find that person any more.

But when you rediscover her and step through that fear – when you make the decision to be normal no more – your life and business will change in amazing ways.

Is it time?

Have you become so disconnected from the real you that you don’t even know where to start?  Contact Kathy today and see if Debbie can help!

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