I have something special for you this week!  I’ve been noticing a common theme recently with both my clients and people I meet at events – people who want to become bigger leaders in their businesses or careers, but don’t realize that if they want to be the leader, they need to “go first!”

Last year I was interviewed by Dr. Carin La Count for her Real Success Summit for Conscious Entrepreneurs, and my topic was Self-Leadership, and the role it plays in creating more impact and income in your business.  Warning:  we got down and dirty in this interview, and I shared some very personal insights and learnings!

What we covered in the interview:

•    Why you must lead yourself before anything else works
•    Symptoms of not leading yourself (some are quite sneaky!)
•    How to re-align from chaos to self leadership
•    Why bigger leaders often face bigger obstacles

Press play to listen or use the Download file button to download this interview now!

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