I was recently reminded of how, early on in my business, I would make it a point to take at least one “marketing action” in my business each day.  It might be making a call to a potential client, calling someone who might be in need of a speaker, or going to a networking meeting.  And, when I was doing that, amazing things would happen.  Someone would contact me “out of the blue” who was looking for a coach, or someone I had planted a seed with months before would suddenly contact me ready to work with me, and so on.  Looking back, that was when it hit me for the first time that there is a huge energetic component to being successful in business.

Six months ago, as many of you know, I picked up and moved myself across the country to beautiful Eugene, Oregon.  Before leaving Illinois, I did kind of a farewell tour, speaking to as many groups of women as possible.soulgifts-1

And my business and income skyrocketed.

Fast forward a few months, where I took a “break” from speaking while I got settled into my new area, and I had a couple of not so great months in my business.  Things started slowing down, and clients and income started dwindling.

Do you ever experience that in your business?

Well, here’s the deal.  My main Soul Gift is Divine Truth (thus my tagline – Launching you out of Illusion, and into your Truth), and it’s hugely important that I’m sharing that truth with an audience at all times.  I’m External in my design, which means speaking is one very important way that I manifest new results, and I’m also Variable, so I have the ability to speak to one group of people and have new clients come from a totally different direction!

To put it in the simplest of terms, though, speaking is my gift and my passion.  And when I’m not doing it, my Soul hurts, I’m not fully expressing myself, and I start manifesting things I don’t want – like a lower income and fewer clients!

Well, I finally got back to my passion of speaking last week.  And everything changed.  VERY quickly.  And not necessarily linearly (I might have just made up a new word).  Sure, a few new clients hired me at the end of the speaking gig.  But it didn’t stop there.  Because I’ve also just enrolled a couple of amazing new clients this week who had nothing to do with the presentation I made last week.

Just one week after I fully honored and indulged my own gifts, everything has turned back around and I’m once again moving forward in a big way.

This is the “magic” of expressing your Soul Gifts out into the world!

Life is amazing when you do that.

And not so great when you don’t.

Because abundance is created at the Soul level.  It only comes when you’re fully expressing who you are – all the glorious gifts that you are here to express in your own unique way.

And yes, even someone like me, who teaches the message of Soul Expression and following your own Manifesting Design, needs a lesson on this every once in a while!

So, my question for you is…

How amazing is your life and business right now?  Is your Soul singing or hurting?

In what ways are you failing to honor, indulge, and express the very gifts and passions that inspire both you and the world?

It hurts when you do that.  It affects your happiness —  and your pocketbook!

Which of your gifts do you need to honor and indulge – starting today?

Don’t have a clue what your Soul Gifts even are? Or how you’re uniquely designed to express them?  Contact Kathy today and see if Debbie can help!

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