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Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the States, and I’m reminded of why I and many of you made the bold choice to become entrepreneurs – to enjoy Freedom and Independence! Personally, independence was one of the 3 reasons I decided to start my own businesses 8 years ago. How about you?

The holiday tomorrow has inspired me to write about how we can rationalize ourselves right back into dependence – aka working for someone else – when it comes to making a living!

I have talked to 5 business owners in the last two weeks who have closed their business doors and taken jobs working for someone else. Their businesses became too big of a struggle for them and they just gave up. All their dreams of freedom and living their dreams dashed. And now they will have to live with themselves and the choices they made that led them here.

Here’s the interesting thing about these 5 people. All 5 “almost” said yes in the past year to an opportunity that could have led to a very different outcome. They all came right up to the line of decision and “almost” said yes, and then decided against themselves – and ultimately – their dreams.

And they all rationalized it in the same way. “I’m on my way to my goal. If I just keep going in the direction I’m going, I will make my goal.” Even though the writing was on the wall – their results in their business were right in their face, practically screaming to them “You are so full of shit!”

My own mentor has said on many an occasion that “Rationalizing = rationing lies to yourself.” And I think of that definition often when I hear myself or one of my clients or anyone I talk to “board the rationalization train!”

But most people won’t call you on it. Because they have been on that same train for most or all of their lives. They drag themselves out of bed every morning to go to a job they do not love or even hate. So they can safely collect a paycheck every week or two and save for a retirement that they hope to enjoy 10 or 20 or 30 years from now. And they don’t even recognize it for what it is – trading their life and their dreams so they can make it “safely” to death. This approach is actually anything but safe!

I remember early in my business rationalizing my ridiculously low coaching fees. My lie to myself was that I was a successful business owner because my practice was full. I was lying to myself about my own potential and I was lying to my clients about their true worth. And I was holding both of us back in the level of success available to us.

Lately I’ve been telling myself the truth much more than ever before. And my income has tripled in the last month.

Coincidence? I think not!

Every one of you is here to do something special. To be something special. You wouldn’t even be reading this article if that were not true. The question is will you use the gifts you’ve been given? Will you be and do what it takes to meet your desires and potential?

Is it time to step into the truth for yourself? Or will you join the 5 people I’ve talked to these last two weeks who rationalized themselves right out of business?

Where are you rationing lies to yourself in your business right now?
Where are you rationalizing in your personal life?
And what will that
ultimately cost you?

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