Yes, this is my first article since “outing” myself to you last week. Oh, the pressure! (smile) It’s true, though, once you make a bold move like that there is NO turning back – and that is a good thing for those of us who are here to impact the world in a big way!

My life and business have already changed in many ways in the last few weeks as I’ve decided to share my story and who I really am. And the same can happen for you!

And that’s what I want to share with you today – how your business can begin to change the moment you do this one thing that can be really hard for those of us who have a history of abuse – abuse by others or by ourselves in the form of secret self-loathing…

For years, I have been hiding my full story – in fact, I’ve kept myself smaller than I could be out of fear that people would find out about my past. And I’ve presented a “façade” to the world of happy, well-adjusted, successful Debbie. I’ve been speaking to groups for years, but have almost always skipped the part about me – even saying things like “I won’t waste your time talking about me – let’s get right into the content here.”

But people couldn’t fully connect with me. Yes, I created a successful business and found enough clients here and there to create a six-figure business over time. But it was through sheer determination and hard work, and as I set my goals higher, it kept feeling harder and harder and harder.

Because I was avoiding doing this one thing. I was hiding something that people were just dying to see – my own vulnerability.

I kept getting “messages” – over and over through the years, that it was helpful to people when I shared it. And that only happened because occasionally I would forget to hide my vulnerability and share some of my story, and people would be incredibly drawn to me and inspired by me.

I would experience this, and intellectually understand it, but then I would reflexively go back to keeping it to myself.

Success was becoming harder and more tiring and more exhausting every day. And I got to the point where many of the people I was attracting to me, were, quite frankly, people I wasn’t that excited to serve.

And no wonder! When you hide big, important parts of yourself, how could the people you are here to serve possibly even find you?

Well, here’s the thing. If you’ve been in abusive or traumatic situations in your life, you learned that vulnerability can be downright dangerous. One of the coping mechanisms in abusive situations is to make yourself invulnerable. And over time that can become a mask that you wear at all times – and forget to take off. Even years later when the danger has passed.

It takes a conscious decision to remove that mask. The decision to allow yourself to be vulnerable to people can relate to you. So they can be inspired by your story. So they can see you and what you have to offer them.

And when you do this, your life and business start flowing again. Stepping into your big vision starts feeling a little bit easier. And the people who are looking for you can find you.

Are you ready to make that decision for yourself?

What could change for you if you do?

How relieved would you feel?

How inspiring would you be to others?

Is it time to take off your mask?

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