I’m just back from a week of learning from my amazing coach and supporting my incredible Destination Seven clients in Phoenix.  There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with highly conscious and dedicated entrepreneurs for nourishing your own commitment to the work you do!

I’d like to share something my coach said last week that really made an impression on me.

“Mixing middle and working class value systems with the desire to be wealthy leads to all kinds of problems.”  — David Neagle

This idea really struck me, and I instantly saw evidence of this in my own journey as well as those of the business owners I coach.

All kinds of chaos erupts when you want to grow your business but do not step up into the ways of thinking and being of the wealthy entrepreneur.

Many of you think creating wealth is all about the activities you do in your business.  That if you just find the perfect tool or technology or marketing plan or fancy program offering, customers and money will come pouring into your business.

But that’s not how it happens.  Because if you still hang onto the ideas and values that you’ve learned your entire life about money and business, you won’t let it happen.  Those ideas and values are so strongly rooted in your subconscious that they will run you and sabotage you “from behind” without you even realizing what’s happening.

I’ve been there.  You have a big new goal for your business and start to move toward it.  And then suddenly it stops.  Or even starts moving backward.  And you can’t figure out why.

It’s because of the old middle or working class values that you’re hanging onto for dear life.  And they will only get you the same middle or working class results that you’re already getting.

I can think of many examples here, but let’s just focus in on a few of the “biggies.”

Warning:  You may find yourself getting angry or defensive when you read these.  If you do – Good!  We’ve identified an area of resistance for you.  I actually get excited why my clients get really angry at me during a coaching session, because now that client has an opportunity to have a huge breakthrough that will change their life and business.  And sure enough, if they take the opportunity to look closely at why they’re feeling angry or defensive, they do have the huge breakthrough they need!

Here are three examples of the difference between the values of the Middle Class and Wealthy Entrepreneurs:

Middle Class Value: If I stay busy I will keep my job and get paid every week.
Wealthy Entrepreneur Value: If I want to make money, I must produce results.

Here’s where many new and unsuccessful business owners sabotage their business results.  They are so busy every day, but are not making the money they want.  It’s because they are focused on busyness instead of producing results.  In order to produce results you must either be selling to new customers or serving your current ones.  If you are busy reorganizing your desk, creating a new logo, or doing your laundry, you are simply focused on busy work, and you will not bring more money in.

Middle Class Value:  I must work harder if I want more money.
Wealthy Entrepreneur Value:  I must change what I’m doing if I want more money.

Every day I see business owners trying harder and working harder to make more money in their business.  And the problem is they take the same strategy they used to produce their current result and do it longer and harder.  It reminds me of a fly literally killing itself trying to get through a closed window when there’s an open door just a few feet away.  In order to get a different result the fly needs to do something different, not just do more of what it’s already doing.

Just today I talked to a business owner who was busting her butt networking and meeting new people and couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t making the sales she wanted.  Turned out she was using all her energy meeting new people and was not taking the time to have sales conversations with the people who were already on her list.  She needed to do something different (switch her focus to nurturing leads she already had) in order to get a new result, but instead she just kept trying harder and harder with her current strategy.

Middle Class Value:  Other people decide how much I get paid and when I get promoted.
Wealthy Entrepreneur Value:  Determining my value, fees, and income is my responsibility.

This is a biggie!  If you’ve ever worked for someone else, they told you how much money you make and when you get a promotion.  But the rules are very different in the entrepreneur world.  The only person who can promote you and raise your rates is you.  And this is hard for a lot of people to swallow! Because it requires you to take full responsibility for the results you are getting.  And it may lead to some potential customers saying no to you.  And you’ll need to up your game to announce and live up to your new fees.  But the results of doing those things will be incredible.  And you will never again be at the mercy of someone above you to determine the results in your life.

There are so many more examples to share!  Please share your biggest insight and let me know if you’d like me to share more examples in my next newsletter in the “Leave a Comment” area below!

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