Wow.  We are already one month in to 2013!  Can you believe it?

How is your year starting off?  What results have you created in your business already this month?

If you want your 2013 to be an incredible year in your life and business, you must have these 5 essentials in place!

Essential #1:  Your 2013 Lifestyle and Income Goals

“A lot of money,” or “More money than I made last year” is just not good enough, folks.  It is essential that you decide what you want in your life and business this year and then know what it will cost to pay for it.  Otherwise the goal will not be “real” enough for you to take action on it, and you cannot create a solid strategy for achieving it!  If you haven’t already, put a solid number on your 2013 income goal.

Essential #2:  A REAL Decision

If you want bigger and better results this year, you must make a real decision that you will create them.  Not an “I’ll try” or “I really hope,” to manifest more this year.  A real decision means there is no “Plan B” and no other option than creating what you want.  No fall-back plan, and no changing your mind every day.  Because it will take a real decision to be and do the new things you’ll need to create what you want.  A “weak” decision will not sustain you when you hit your own “walls” along the way.  These walls are simply there to show you how you must grow to meet what you want, but they can seem daunting in the moment.  Nothing short of a white-hot commitment to your goal will do!

Essential #3:  Congruence with Your Goals

If you want something different or more than you created last year, you will need new beliefs, thoughts, and actions in order to create it.  And I don’t just mean doing MORE of what got you your 2012 results.  If you made $50,000 in your business in 2012 and want to make $100,000 in your business this year, working two times as many hours is likely NOT the solution you are looking for.  If you want it to be easier than that, you’ll need to change who you are being and how you are doing things in order to get those new results.  You will need to change your “head environment” (thoughts and beliefs) as well as the actions you take in order to create it.  All of these have to be congruent with what you want.

Essential #4:  The Support You Need

If there’s anything you need to change to create the results you want in 2013, you need to make sure you have the support you need in place to do that.  If you need to raise your prices and don’t know how to sell at a higher price, you need a sales coach.  If you’re already a master salesperson and need to attract more people to your business, you may need a marketing expert.  If you already have the website and marketing plan in place and still don’t know how to grow your business, you probably need a mindset coach.  What support do you need to create the new results you want this year?

Essential #4:  Daily Practices in Place

You’ve heard me say it before, and it’s time to repeat it again.  If you want to play bigger than most people are playing, you’ve got to do things differently than most people are doing.  And one of these differences is that you must have daily practices in place that support your 2013 vision.  Do something every morning that gets you connected to Source, starts your day intentionally, and sets you up to be and do what you need to in order to  create the new results you want.  The practices you had in place in 2012 may need to be “upleveled” in some way if you want bigger or better results in 2013.  What daily practice would be most helpful to you now, in light of what you want to create in your life and business this year?

Essential #5:  A Commitment to Continued Growth

If you haven’t already accepted the truth, it’s time.  You cannot continue to grow your life and business if you don’t continue to grow yourself.  There are only two directions you can go – you can grow or you can shrink.  And we’ve all seen many people in the last 5 years who have taken the latter path.  Their incomes are smaller than 5 years ago, their happiness is less, and so on.  I know we were brought up to believe that at some point in our life we would be “done learning,” but it has become clear that as long as you are alive and want to move in the direction of “more life,” you simply have to commit to lifelong learning.  How committed are you to that?  Do your behaviors align with that commitment?

This is a great time to take a look at where you are with these 5 essentials.  Take them seriously, and you will be off to a great start in creating the 2013 you really want!

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