Debbie DelgadoTime for some tough love, my friends!  Too many of you are quitting on your dream, and it breaks my heart to see that!

It’s Time for the Truth:  Success is not convenient.

  • If it was, 90% of businesses wouldn’t fail within 3 years.
  • If it was, more than 5% of service businesses would be making at least $100,000 a year.

If you’re waiting for it to be convenient, it’s time for you to get a job.

The Truth:  Those of you who will create the money and meaning you desire are willing to do things that 90% of people are not:

  • You’re willing to grow in ways that most people aren’t
  • You’re willing to think differently than most people do
  • You’re willing to learn – not just your craft, but how to run a business
  • You’re willing to act differently than most people act
  • You’re willing to invest more than most people do
  • You’re willing to do what it takes

Even when it’s inconvenient
Even when it feels hard
Even when people tell you “no”
Even when it costs money you don’t think you have
Even when it takes time

Are you committed?  And not just when it’s cheap and convenient?

You tell me you want to be a leader in your life and business.

Being a leader means going firstAre you really willing to do that?

God believes in you.
I believe in you.
You’ve been given unique gifts for serving people on this Planet.

But you’ve got to act like you’re here to do that!

You’ve got to quit using hope as your main strategy.  You’ve got to stop waiting for a bag of money to drop through your ceiling just because you visualized it.  You’ve got to stop waiting for someone to come save you.

And you’ve got to say “yes!” to the opportunities that are right in front of you.  Even when it feels “inconvenient.”

I know you can achieve everything you want.

Will you starting acting like you believe it, too?

Will you commit today, or continue to wait for “convenient” success?

Debbie – I’m sick of waiting for a convenient miracle. I’m ready to commit to creating money and meaning in my business!

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