I’m just back from speaking at Inside Edge and getting ready to head to Orlando to speak and sponsor at Be The Change!  Yes, I’m on a road tour to spread my passion and my message to as many people as I can!

Many of you have watched me dive into the world of speaking and sponsoring events over this past year.  Have you wondered why I’m doing that?  And have you ever considered playing bigger in this way in your business?

You may have already taken the first step and turned your passion and mission into a business.  And you may or may not be profitable in your business at this moment.

So, here are a couple questions to consider:

Do people see you as an expert at what you do?
What impact would being seen as an expert have on your ability to serve more people?

You are here to serve.  There’s no doubt about that.  But are the people who need you finding you?  And when they do, do they see you as an expert or just a friendly peer?

We all want to buy from experts. From those names and companies we see as really knowing their stuff.  That’s why I coach with the best coach in the industry.  It’s why you choose a certain doctor or service provider for your business.

So how do you position yourself and your passion in this way?

One incredible opportunity for doing this is sponsoring and speaking.  And you’re hearing it from someone who, until last year, said she would “never” do that!  (The sponsoring part, that is – I have always loved speaking!)  The idea of standing at a booth for hours at a time hoping people would come talk to me sounded like an absolute nightmare.

So how did someone who felt that way end up sponsoring not one but five events last year?

I realized that in order to get my message out in a big way, I had to position myself as an expert.

And sponsoring is a great way to do that.  You are no longer “just” another attendee in the room – you are aligned with the main host of the event and held in expert status.

And if you sign on for one of the speaker slots at the event – even better!  Now you have a stage to share your message and a room full of people waiting to hear it!

So here are my coaching questions for you:

Are you ready to stand out in the crowd?
Are you ready to position yourself as an expert?
And are you ready for people to seek YOU out for your help?

When will you sponsor your first event?

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