How is your business going this month? We’re about halfway through the month – are you halfway to your February income goal?

Personally – I’m having a great month– incredible, committed new clients, and lots of them! I’m halfway to my February income goal (and my goal is double what I brought in last month, so I’m pretty darned proud of myself!)

I hope you can say the same! But, if not… read on!

I’m always looking at my business through two different angles – what results am I getting, and what am I doing or learning that I can use to help other business owners like you!

So – I’ve discovered the main thing I’ve really changed this month that’s creating more clients and income for me. And I’m also keenly aware that when my clients have great results, they are doing the same.

And that is … I’m indulging my Superpower more than I was last month!

You see, each of us has at least one main superpower – yes, that’s true for you, too. Not one of you was created without a unique gift – no one is here just to “take up space!”

And when you use your superpower, you send such powerful energy out into the world that your perfect clients can’t help but be attracted to you!

My own personal superpower is all around truth. I’m here to help others break out of their own illusions and start living and operating their business out of their own unique truth. My superpower is transmitted by me “speaking” the truth – quite literally in my case – as the more I get out there and speak the truth to groups of people, the more of my perfect clients are magnetically attracted to me and the solutions I provide.

Those of you who’ve already done Soul Realignment™ or Manifesting Design work with me Want Morealready know what your superpower is. So my questions for you are:

Are you using it?

Every day?

And if not – why not?

For the rest of you – there are other ways of discovering your own superpower, although they might require a bit more digging. Here are some great questions for you:

Think back to the best months you’ve had in your business. What were you doing or being a lot of that month AND the month before? (sometimes your results take a little longer to catch up with your actions)

What is that thing you do or be that people are always telling you they really appreciate about you? (They may even use the word talent or gift when they share that with you)

What are you doing/being when you feel most powerful?

Your superpower is the key to you making your business goals this month. If you’re not on track right now – there’s still time – you have half the month still left.

Stand up, put that cape on, and get out there and let the people you are here to help “see” you!

Are you totally clueless as to what your own superpower is or frustrated with yourself because you’re not using it? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

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