One thing I am hearing is that people are feeling anything but peaceful right now.  Everything and nearly everyone is getting stirred up right now – so much is coming to the surface for so many!

It feels overwhelming.  And for many… paralyzing.

Anxiety is high for many of us.

It is quite difficult to move forward in our personal lives, and as a society, when we make choices from these states.  Even harder if we just freeze in place –  which by the way, is also a choice!

Today I have some questions for you to help move you into a more peaceful state…

Before you answer them, I invite you to give yourself some deep breaths.  A breathing pattern I use with my clients that works really well for getting grounded is:  Breath in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, and release to a count of 8.  Do this pattern 3 times.

And now, for your questions…

What if peace is available to me right now?

What if I were to choose peace – right now in this moment?

What if, deep down in my essence, I AM peace, but have just forgotten?

What if everything that’s happening in the world right now really is for the highest good of all?

Years ago, I studied “A Course in Miracles” for nearly 3 years.  It had a profound effect on my life, and grounded me clearly in the truth that I can choose again when I am not feeling peaceful.  And again…  And again… And again…

What might change for you if you were to focus a little more on the questions above, and a little less on wondering why the world is going to hell in a hand-basket?