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At the very first event I sponsored a few years back, a woman visited my booth several times – she was very interested in what I do and just couldn’t seem to get enough of me!  We scheduled a time to talk after the event, and I had tons of those “This deal is in the bag” thoughts about enrolling her into my coaching program.

So imagine my surprise when after multiple post-event conversations, she did not hire me.

And it took me a long time to figure out why.

These 3 words that came out of her mouth are actually the key.

“I adore you.”

You see, back then I believed that if someone adored and worshipped me, they would hire me.  I’ve since learned that this is simply not the case.

Because adoring me has nothing to do with whether someone will buy from me.  They are actually two entirely different things.

When you get to the level in your business where you want to make a big impact, you are likely charging high-end fees for people to work with you.  And they won’t pay high end fees just because they adore you or want to be your friend.  They will only hire you at that level to help them get big results in their lives or businesses.  And the conversation that leads to that decision is not focused on how much they worship you.

Fast forward a few years. I’ve now sponsored countless events, and I know that the people who hang out at your booth the most rarely become buyers.  They want something else.  Attention, affirmation, or even a friend.

It’s important for you to remember why you are there.  You’re there to find the people who will actually hire you to provide the valuable service you offer.

I’m not the only business owner who has made this mistake.  I see people fall into the “I adore you” trap all the time.  And it can lead you down a lot of very unproductive rabbit holes!  It can keep you talking to the wrong people – ones who may never buy from you – while others who will buy are waiting for your call.

What does this have to do with growing your business through speaking and sponsoring?  Everything.  Because every minute at an event counts, and you could invest valuable time talking to the wrong people.

Avoid the “I adore you” trap, and you will see a difference in your business results!

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