I know, I know.  Many of you find the “numbers” part of your business a little distasteful and yucky.  You just want to focus on delivering your beautiful gift to the world and hope that the numbers will magically work out.

One number you probably are aware of is the amount of money you want to bring in for the year.  And some of you have taken that even further and divided that into the amount you need to bring in each month.  That’s a good start.

Today, I would like to introduce some numbers that are critical, but not often looked at.  Numbers that I constantly focus my private clients on as they move toward increasing their business income.

I’m offering you a gift today by refocusing you on these numbers.  Those of you who read this article to the end and take action will be rewarded by more money coming in your business.  Those of you who think “I’ll read this later” will also be creating results – money that is always going to come into your business at some later time that never seems to arrive.

Here’s what you need to pay very close attention to if you want to increase the money you’re bringing in:

  1. Number of sales conversations you are initiating.
  2. Number of sales conversations you are actually having.
  3. Number of people you are asking to buy.
  4. Number of people are saying yes.
  5. Amount of money you are bringing in.

Every one of these numbers tell a story.  And when you start looking at the patterns these numbers reveal, changes you need to make are revealed.  Here are a few examples.

If you initiated 3 conversations last week and brought in $0, you now know that on average, initiating only 3 conversations each week will lead to the failure of your business.

If you asked 5 people to buy last week and made one sale, you know that for every one sale you want to make, you will need to ask at least 5 people to buy.

If you met your sales goal last week, but had to talk to 100 people in order to do it, you know that you need to make an adjustment or you’ll burn out and begin to resent the very business you used to love.  You either need to increase your sales skills or raise your fees.

If you’re having 10 sales conversations each week and only asking one person to buy, you either have a limiting belief about you or about selling or about the people you are talking to, or you are selling the wrong thing or talking to the wrong people.

As you can tell, I could go on and on with examples of the valuable insight you can gain from looking at each of these numbers and the solutions they reveal! This is something you can either do yourself or have your business coach help you with.

But you’ll never see any of these solutions if you don’t know your numbers.

Do you have the desire to make your money in your business?

Then how will you use this valuable tool in your business starting now?

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