Years ago I read an article called “Oops — I Climbed the Wrong Mountain!” and it really left an impression on me.  It was about a man who suddenly realized he was living a life others had told him he wanted, and that he’d forgotten to consider what he really wanted in the process.  He’d invested years becoming successful in a career and creating a lifestyle that didn’t reflect his true values and desires.

I’ve referenced this article with my coaching clients on many occasions.  And I’ve been thinking about it again lately as I see many people stopping short of their own greatness and happiness.

As you know, my mission is to help others create lives full of happiness, peace, purpose and abundance.  And in order to do that, I’ve devoted myself to continuous personal expansion.  One of the many ways I do that is to study and work with teachers and mentors who are “ahead of me in the game.”

What’s becoming more and more clear to me is that those of us who live “big lives” – who provide  incredible service to the planet, love every minute of it, and create financial abundance in the process – have allowed ourselves to do something that many others have not.

What sets us apart from people who “climb the wrong mountain” is authenticity.  We have accepted the gifts and desires we’ve been given and are using those gifts and desires to provide service, which is really what we’re all here for anyway!  debbie delgado

We have learned to honor our unique gifts, and have stopped “censoring” ourselves.  And as we do that, something magical happens.  We reclaim all the energy we used to use trying to fit in someone else’s mold, and the people we’re here to serve are able to find us, because we are simply being who we are.

Do you feel like you might be climbing the wrong mountain?  Could be time to assess who you really are, what’s important to you, and what you’d like to accomplish while you’re here!

Here’s how you can get started.

Rate your agreement with this statement on a scale of 1 to 10:  “I am definitely climbing the right mountain right now!”

Start to notice what feels easy and effortless in your life and business.  What are you doing at those times, and even more importantly, who are you being?

Commit to increasing the amount of time in that “flow” you identified above.  What will you have to change in order to do that?

Take stock of the values that are dear to younot your boss, or your friends, or your parents. How aligned are you with your values in your daily life – career, family, recreation time, personal development, health, and finance?  What could you do to increase that alignment?

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