I am in beautiful Los Angeles today speaking and sponsoring at Cathy Alessandra’s incredible Success Summit for Entrepreneurial Women. I’m so excited to share how to maximize profits by mastering your mindset with all of these talented women tomorrow!

So, the question for you today is…

What are YOU doing today to share your beautiful gifts and talents with the world?
And how will you connect with people you can help so they and your business income continue to grow and prosper?

There are many ways to connect with your potential clients, and I find that it’s easy for many business owners to become overwhelmed by all the choices. When you’re overwhelmed, it’s also easy to start spinning or trying to use so many methods that you don’t get anywhere with any one of them.

Being in business for 8 years now, I’ve tried them all. Article marketing, radio shows, offering free and paid workshops, social media, etc. And I got completely overwhelmed and stretched thin only to get minimal results for what felt like maximum time and effort.

Is this sounding familiar?

And that’s why I’m here in L.A. today. I have discovered in my own business that the fastest way to achieve growth is by doing exactly what I’m doing here today: sponsoring and speaking.

There are so many reasons to love this approach for growing a business! I have found it to be the best way to:

  • Establish myself as an expert
  • Build my list quickly
  • Find quality leads
  • Boost my credibility
  • Charge what I’m worth
  • Meet many qualified prospects in a very short time
  • Shorten my sales cycle

If you were experiencing all of these, do you think you would be serving more people doing what you love and making more money?

And the best part of all – once you learn how to do this effectively, it’s pretty much a matter of “Lather, rinse, & repeat.” You’ve got one business-building strategy you can use over and over again. How would that change your marketing overwhelm?

See you in the sponsor area at the next big event?

Ready to start sponsoring but don’t want to learn how the hard way? Debbie – I’m ready to start growing my business through sponsoring and speaking and want to fast-track my results!

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