I’m not sure I’ve shared this with you before, but my first “real” job out of college was in social service.  I did drug prevention work for a not-for-profit organization.  And my starting salary was a whopping $12,500.  In the social service world, a 2% salary increase was a big deal.

After 3 years in the social service world, I moved to the Corporate world.  My starting salary was something like $22,500, and boy did I feel rich!  In the Corporate world, most people received 3-5% raises, and a 5-10% raise was considered excellent!

So, like many of you other entrepreneurs out there, I was raised with a “slow growth” model of increasing your income.  In fact, I was immersed in that idea for 19 years.

Here’s the thing.  There are many reasons you decided to start your own business.  I know you have a big vision for helping people through your service or products.  And like me, you may have become very frustrated with the entire corporate culture, with all its rules, bureaucracy, and conformity.  But another unique opportunity as an entrepreneur is the control you have over your own growth and income.  In fact, there is unlimited potential for you when you own your own business.

Yet so many entrepreneurs are experiencing either no growth or painfully slow growth in their businesses.  Why is that?

Is it really the things that you hear people talking about – lack of a spectacular website, or not having written a book yet, or not having an organized office, or not having a structured program with every detail worked out?

The answer is no.

There is something “bigger” going on.  Those things are just surface symptoms, and no website in the world is beautiful and spectacular enough to solve the real issue.

And that issue is…

They are acting like a person who finds slow growth acceptable.

They are making choices that reflect their “rule” that business growth is a slow and painful process.  And they may not even realize it.

They are still following the “rules” that they internalized in the Corporate world.  And make no mistake – this can happen even if they never worked for someone else, because the “default” theory held by most people is that this is just the way it is.  If you haven’t made a conscious decision to believe otherwise, you simply become a product of that mass consciousness.

I see this every day.  I have conversations with business owners who tell me they would like to double or triple or quadruple their income.  We explore what’s keeping them from doing that and identify a solution that will help them get there.  And they agree that the solution would help them do that.  And then they say they will do at a future time.  After all, they are making small strides in their business already…

Did you see the insanity in this?

This isn’t rocket science, folks, but it’s amazing how easy it is for us to say one thing and then act as if we believe the opposite.  I know – I’ve done it myself!

And that’s why most people’s businesses are growing so slowly.

So here are two important questions for you:

Do you really want quantum growth in your business?

What opportunity have you been saying no to that would allow you to act like that’s true?

I guarantee that the moment you stop making decisions from a place of “slow growth is OK,” you will begin experiencing some bigchanges in your business!

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