I’ve been sharing with you that I’ve recently manifested some pretty impressive increases in my business income. The truth is – I’ve had an epiphany – one that has changed my results in an amazing way.

What’s interesting is that I’ve always known this on some level, because I’ve always offered very customized coaching to my clients, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen to offer primarily private coaching versus larger group programs to my peeps.

The epiphany is… Different people are designed differently and will create results (yes, this includes money, folks!) in very different ways. And it’s very rare that someone can pick up a strategy or business model from someone else and get the same results that other person got with it.one size does not fit all

And this can present problems for an entrepreneur looking for solutions to their business problems. You have almost unlimited resources for help with your business. Someone or perhaps hundreds of someone’s have a solution to almost any business problem you have. And their solution worked for them! That’s why they’re so excited to share it with you, right?

But unless they happen to be designed in exactly the same way you are designed to create results, their solution probably isn’t going to work as well for you. And that can be extremely frustrating! How many thousands of dollars and hours of your precious life have you spent learning that same lesson?

So, back to my story. I am currently making more money AND serving more people with my gifts than ever before in my business. Not to mention that I’m enjoying myself more. And it’s easier than ever before. So easy that sometimes I subconsciously try to start making it hard again. (Those old programs most of us have that success is really hard are hard to release!)

What am I doing differently? I’m honoring who I really am. And I’m setting up my business according to that. I’m only serving people I truly enjoy. I’m being honest about who I really am and what I really believe.

And I’m standing for that in every area of my life. Yes – even in that most complicated area for most of us – family! I’m in the process of planning a first-ever trip with relatives, and some interesting challenges to my growth have shown up. Things that, in the past, I would have let take me backwards to who I used to be. Things like everyone else wanting me to fly coach with them instead of them flying first class with me. Things like everyone else wanting to stay in one condo to save money vs. paying for a 2nd one so everyone has enough space.  Going back to who I used to be and making these decisions out of lack instead of abundance could do serious damage to everything I’ve created.

I’m making new choices this time! Choices that are true to me, and that support all the important steps I’ve taken to raise my own abundance consciousness over the last 10 years.

And it’s working. Every new choice I make FOR who I really am has created more and more abundance in my life. AND they allow me to model for my clients AND others in my life what is possible for them!

So staying true to you and who you really are in all your choices is the solution. Designing your business around who you really are and how you’re uniquely designed to manifest is the key. And it looks very different for different people!

Many of you would be quite surprised at how I actually spend my work days. And by the business model I’m using. It is actually quite different than what you’re seeing in my industry. And  – how I do that wouldn’t work for most of you –  because I’m being true to my purpose and design.

Are you being true to yours?

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