Some of you know I’m famous for my stubbornness and have actually been kicked out of a couple of my business coach’s events when I didn’t take actions he asked me to take.  I remember one such incident quite vividly – it was a small group intensive and he instructed us to walk up to a total stranger at the resort and ask them a series of questions.  The idea of walking up to someone and doing that scared the pants off of me and I didn’t do it.

He asked who had not completed the exercise and I confessed that I hadn’t.  He then told me – in front of everyone there –  that I either do the exercise on the next break or I would be kicked out of the program and not receive my money back.  I had invested over $20,000 in that program so I got my rear into action! It was a really big deal for me and I finally did it – walked up to a guy at the pool who turned out to be an attorney, which felt even scarier to me.  I walked through my fear and it was an important lesson for me.  The world did not end right then and there, and I felt incredibly powerful after that exercise.  Sales conversations in my business no longer felt nearly as scary!

Today’s lesson is one that has application both in life and business.  And it’s one of those things that separates the “women from the girls” – those who succeed wildly from those who live average lives.

And it’s a lesson it took me a long time to learn, because we have been so highly programmed in the opposite way by our parents, teachers, the erase fearmedia, and so many others.

Here is the program that is very well running in you that will keep you from achieving the incredible impact and income you desire

Fear is something to be avoided at all costs.

Think about it:

What were the lessons you learned about fear growing up?
What did you hear people say about fear?
How did people try to “help” you when you were afraid?
Growing up, what did you see the adults in your life do when they were afraid?

Here’s the thing. Everything you want and don’t already have is on the other side of your fear. Your fear is what’s keeping you from taking the action that will create the result you want.

Your fear is what keeps you from raising your fees.
Your fear is what stops you from picking up the phone and calling potential clients.
Your fear is what keeps you from asking the very questions to your potential clients that will break them out of their stupor and move them into transformation.
Your fear is what keeps you from leaving your “safe” corporate job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

But the problem isn’t the fear itself. Fear is just a feeling. It can’t hurt you.

The problem is seeing fear as something that needs to be avoided.

And if you’re like most people, you’ve come up with all kinds of crazy ways to avoid it and rationalize that avoidance. You work on your website instead of making sales calls. You convince yourself that one more certification is the thing that will build your business. You rationalize that organizing your desk will magically grow your business.

The truth is, in order to get a result you don’t have now, you are going to have to think and act differently than you do now. The way you think about and do things now got you the results you have now. And doing something new is likely going to be scary the first time you do it.

What would change for you if you started looking at fear as merely a step on the way to the result that you really want? A step just like learning a new skill? Or a step just like practicing a new skill?

What would happen if you looked at fear just like any other step in the business-building process rather than something to run away from?

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