If you want to earn at least 6 figures in your own business doing what you love, you desire uncommon results in your life!  Less than 5% of the world’s population earn $100,000 or more each year.  So if you want to earn that much or more, you want a result that 95% of people will never achieve.

Can you do it? Absolutely!

Can you do it by thinking and acting like most people do? Absolutely not!

Everything you want is possible for you.  But you will have to actually earn it by providing service to the world through your business and growing into it.  (Why do you think 70% of all lottery winners revert back to their pre-lottery condition so quickly?)  In other words, if you want to earn an amount you’ve never earned before, you will actually need to think, be, and act at that level of income and service.

And that’s where most people stop.
Because it involves taking risks.
And 95% of the world around you has taught you that it’s unsafe to take risks.

So, unless you have studied the 5% and made a conscious decision to join them, you will, by default, think and act like the 95%.

Are you ready to change that?

Here are 3 risks you’ll need to take.

Risk #1:  You’ll need to change your thinking.  You are probably well aware that your thoughts determine your actions and your actions determine your results.

That is just as true in your business as anywhere else in your life.  Business, like everything else, works on the principle of cause and effect.  The money you earn and the number of people you impact is a direct result of the actions you take every day.  And your thinking determines those actions.

It is impossible to get uncommon results by thinking like everyone else.  As we’ve already established, you want results that most people on the planet will not achieve.  So you will need to think differently than most people.

Unless you make a conscious decision about your thoughts, you will think pretty much the same thoughts every day.  And they’re not even thoughts you consciously chose for yourself!  Because your conscious mind didn’t even develop until you were 7 years old, most of your “programming was loaded into you by the people around you before you could even evaluate it.  And if you don’t take a conscious look at it now, those thoughts are simply “running you” from the background like a program on a computer.

Is it risky to think differently than people around you?  Yes!  Is it necessary if you want uncommon results?  Yes!

Challenge every thought that does not lead you to action that will take you to the results you want.

Risk #2:  You’ll need to let go of your need for approval.  Deep breath here!  Risk #1 leads right into this one.  And this is a show stopper for many.

Think about it.  95% of people on the Planet are being and acting in ways that result in spending 40 or more hours a week doing work they don’t love and making less money than they want to make.  Most of that 95% are not living the lives they really want.

We’ve already established that behaving like the 95% will get you results you don’t want.  So that means you’ll need to think, be, and act differently than most people.

And that will trigger their pain.  And some of them will attempt to throw their pain at you in the form of disapproval and judgment. Others will simply not understand your vision or the actions you’re taking to achieve it, and they will feel the need to disapprove of what you’re doing for that reason.  Still others (especially family members!) who love you and want the best for you but don’t understand what you understand will disapprove in an attempt to “protect” you.

Does even the thought of people not liking you or approving of you stop you in your tracks?

If you want to join the “5%,” you must decide to leave your need for approval behind.   You must learn to live the concept of “What other people think of me is none of my business.”  And you must decide that you believe in yourself and your purpose strongly enough to do that.

Risk #3:  You’ll need to invest in yourself and your business  at levels that feel scary and uncomfortable to you.  You would be hard-pressed to find a highly successful entrepreneur who has not taken some sort of financial risk in building their business. They have used credit, emptied 401Ks, and borrowed money to grow themselves and their businesses.  And they have made financial commitments that they did not yet have the money in the bank to cover.

If you hear a voice in your head right now saying “That’s just crazy. Everyone knows that you must see the money before you spend it.  It’s just common sense!” ask yourself this:

How do I know this is true?
If this is true, how are people buying houses and cars and college educations that they don’t currently “see” the money to pay for?
If I follow this rule, will I ever actually create the business and life I want?  How long will it take me?
Do I have that much time?

Is it scary to invest money you have not yet earned?  Hell, yes!  Have I and my clients and mentors all walked through that fear – multiple times – on our “way up?”  Yes, we have!  And do we have the results to prove it?  Yes, we do!

A major difference between entrepreneurs who struggle and those who become successful is their willingness to invest in themselves and their businesses – at amounts that exceed their comfort zone.

I’ve studied, observed, and lived the story of entrepreneurial growth and success.  And I’ve learned the truth:

You will not reach your Six or Seven Figure goal by thinking, behaving, or even making decisions the way “everyone else” does.  Risks are a requirement to reaching your dream!

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