One of my team members had an interesting conversation with a business owner last week.  Unfortunately, this conversation is not a unique one in the entrepreneur world.  This business owner told my team member that she wants to get all the help she needs to grow her business for free – that she’s not willing to invest any money at all to grow her business – that she sees no reason to pay for any business information, since there’s so much out there for free.  But she does intend to charge others for her products and services.

I don’t need a crystal ball to tell you she is not going to make any money in her business.  And this is one of the reasons so many small business owners struggle and fail every year.

It’s just not possible to behave as if you are a charity and then manifest money from other people in your business.  Lack and abundance are two very different vibrational states, and when you’re being the energy of  lack/not enough/I’m a charity and everyone else needs support me financially, it is actually impossible for you to also allow money to flow into your business.

It’s like standing in a soup kitchen line and expecting to sell a high end coaching program while you’re there.

But there’s a bigger issue here, and it’s a foundational cause in your business and your life. It’s a self-esteem issue. Acting like a charity case simply doesn’t happen unless you are devaluing yourself and the gifts that you’re here to express in your life and business.

And doing that is nothing short of heart-breaking. It’s heartbreaking for you, because you’re living a lie of not being good enough to serve others and be paid for it. And it’s heartbreaking for the people who are waiting to be served by your gifts.   Everyone loses when you let that voice that tells you, “You’re not good enough,” win.

One of the amazing lessons I’ve learned in my own journey has been that when I treat myself well – when I do invest in myself and my environment and my business in a way that says “Yes! I am worth investing in!”, I almost instantly attract the opportunity to follow through financially on that investment. I’ve experienced this on occasion after occasion, and my clients have, too.

And it happens because – in those moments – we rise above the “I am a charity case” vibration to the “I am valuable and here to bless the world with my many gifts” vibration in our choices and actions.

When you do that you harmonize with the Law of Cause and Effect, and the Law of Attraction. Every choice you make is a cause followed that produces an effect, and you can only attract results of similar vibration to what you are offering through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Because you’re reading this article, I know that you want to serve in a bigger way and make more money doing it. The following three questions will help you ensure that you’re not being the cause of lack and expecting the result of abundance!

Where in your life or business have you been making choices as if you’re a charity case?
What new choice could you make that acknowledges your true value?
Will you make that new choice starting today?

Share your new results below so we can celebrate them with you!

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