“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you fail by default.”  
J.K. Rowling- Total Recall

We do live in an interesting society!  We are programmed by the educational system and our employers to fear making mistakes more than we fear wasting our lives.

I remember working in the corporate world and watching people shuffle along trying to make it safely to their retirement so they could finally start doing things they loved.  I called them “the walking dead.”

And now that I’m in the entrepreneur world, I’m seeing another version of that epidemic – entrepreneurs playing it safe in the very businesses they started so they could break away from living safely!   And then abandoning their dreams to retreat back to the “safety” of working for someone else.  Societal programming wins again!

Here’s the real truth.  Every successful person has had more failures than successes on their journey to the top.  We don’t often realize that –  because by the time we see them, they’ve already reached the top, and in fact may be portrayed in the media as an “overnight success.”  We get the idea that everything they touch just magically turns to gold. That there is something unique and special about them that we just don’t have.

And we’ve been good little students and learned from our teachers and bosses that failing is something to be afraid of and avoided at all costs.  Most of us have internalized this to the point that no one needs to teach us this anymore – we hold ourselves to this rule of life.

And then we wonder why we don’t reach our dreams.

I love what Arnold Schwarzenegger says about this in his book Total Recall:  “The only way to make the impossible possible is to try the impossible.  If you fail, so what?  That’s what everybody expects.  But if you succeed, you make the world a much better place.”

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have a dream about changing the world in some way through your gifts and your business.  And I know you have the talent to do that, or you wouldn’t have the ability to have that dream.

How will you feel if you make it to the end of your life without having tried, and without having given it your absolute best?

Where are you letting your fear of failure stop you?  Are you still working your business part-time – afraid to step fully into it?  Are you in your business full-time but afraid to step onto a bigger stage with it?  Are you afraid to make a big investment in yourself and your business that could help you make a quantum leap toward what you want?

What would change for you if you were to change your definition of failure right now – to true failure occurring when you let your fear of failure stop you from moving forward?

Are you willing to experience a few “failures” on your way to the top?

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