I am a living, breathing demonstration of this. I can now look back and see the cause and effect of the choices I’ve made in my business and the results I created.

Every time I make a decision that makes my soul sing, I attract clients easily and the money comes in. When I made the decision, back in 2006, to leave my “cushy” corporate job and start my own business, my soul was singing a happy tune. I left on a Friday and had 5 coaching clients by the end of the next week. Clients I loved working with and who invested with me again and again.

When I chose to offer my first small group program to help women create abundance in their lives, it came right from my soul. I sent a simple email to my list – NO sales page, NO testimonials, NO fancy “Buy Now” button – nothing but a heartfelt email invitation to participate. People said yes. Again – people I absolutely loved serving. I offered multiple versions of this program and people kept coming back.It is Well with My Soul

Recently I discovered that one of my Soul gifts is reading the Akashic Records. Upon learning this, I immediately found the best teacher I could and got certified in reading the records and doing Soul Realignment™ work. Before I could even announce it to all of you, 9 people purchased sessions with me.

Have I made choices along the way that yielded different results? Absolutely! Over the course of my 8 years in business, I’ve made several decisions that simply were not a match to who I really am. And in every case, there was a negative result. Either no one was interested, or I attracted people I didn’t enjoy working with, or I did not enjoy providing the very service I had offered, or my income suffered.

That’s what it looks like when you make decisions against your own divine nature and gifts. It can also result in relationship issues, health issues, or other “unexplained” problems in your life or business.

How did you create these problems?

You decided against yourself.

You made a decision or choice against who you really are.

And the results can be quite painful.

What is your soul trying to tell you right now? Are you listening?

Will you choose FOR it this time?

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