Today I’d like to share with you a tool I’ve been using with my clients for quite some time now.  The more I study, personally experience, and help my clients grow their own income and impact, the more I see what a truly individual process it is!

There are clues that can help you discover your own personal secrets to success.  But most people keep themselves so busy in their lives and businesses that they never slow down long enough to pay attention to them!  So, I’d like to give you an opportunity to do that for yourself right now.

If you were to take a look back on your own life and business journey, you would see some important patterns.  Yes, there is a pattern to the results you have produced for yourself – both the wanted results and the unwanted ones!

Here’s a simple tool you can create for yourself that will help you create more wanted results than unwanted ones.Success

I first used this process myself back in 2009. I had my heart set on being the keynote speaker for a local women’s conference. I had never done a keynote before, much less been paid for one. To my surprise and delight, I manifested this goal, and I did is more easily and quickly than I would have expected! I not only was offered the keynote speaker spot, but was paid $3,500 to do it! At that time, that was the biggest single payment I had ever received in my business. As I looked back on that event, I discovered that the 5 things I did were something I could replicate over and over again anytime I really wanted something. And looking at them now, they still hold true today.

Here’s how you can create your own personal Success Strategies tool.

Step One: Identify your proudest achievement. Think back to your absolute proudest achievement in your life or business. Write it down at the top of a piece of paper.

Step Two: Think back to the process of achieving that result. Go all the way back to when you had the idea that you wanted to achieve it.

Step Three: Identify your 5 Strategies. Look at the achievement you wrote down, give yourself 3 nice, deep breaths, and ask yourself this question: What were the 5 most important things I did leading up to that result? No censoring! Write them down.

Step Four: Gather evidence. Think about two other big successes you’ve had in your life or business. Write them down. Now look at your list of 5 under your first achievement. How did you incorporate those same 5 things into these other two successes? You will see some amazing patterns start to emerge here.

Step Five: Take action! Ask yourself what it would look like to apply those same 5 strategies to something you want to achieve now. And do it.

You have just created a tool for yourself – 5 success factors that are important to your personal manifesting process! I guarantee you that if you followed my instructions carefully and apply those same 5 ways of being/thinking/acting into your next goal, you are more likely to achieve it!

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