Business Coach“Safety is for children. Choice is for adults.” — David Neagle

I talk to people everyday who want to change something in their life or business. And the people who say yes to the opportunities to grow create incredible results.

You want to accomplish something amazing with your life, or you wouldn’t even be one of my readers.

Well, here’s the deal. And I’m not going to dance around it, because that wouldn’t be helpful to you.

If you want to accomplish something amazing, you have to take risks.

Playing it safe will get you what most people are getting right now – an “ok” life. One where you can have an “ok” job or business that makes you an “ok” living. One that allows you to maintain the illusion that your job is to keep everyone around you happy by making the choices they expect you to make.

One that will allow you to make it safely to your death.

Look around you at the people who have created amazing lives and businesses. And notice the risks they take. Nothing great was ever accomplished without an element of risk!

Some of you are sitting around doing affirmations and waiting for a big bag of money and purpose and happiness to drop from the sky into your lap.

It’s not going to happen. No one’s coming to save you.

You have to be the cause of your success. And that’s going to involve taking steps that feel like a risk to you.

The risk might involve:

  • Spending money that you’ve squirreled away in “safety.”
  • Acting in a bolder way.
  • Saying things to people that you haven’t been willing to say before.
  • Outgrowing your current friends and peers.
  • Being willing to make a few mistakes along the way.
  • Being seen in a bigger way than ever before.
  • Taking a first step without having your entire plan in place?
  • Saying yes to an opportunity without an airtight “guarantee” in place?

My clients sometimes ask me if I feel the same fear they do as they take these risks. I do! I have been scared to death of some of the risks I’ve taken in the last several years. But I took them anyway. And the results I wanted were on the other side of those risks!

Playing it safe will get you the same results most people are getting right now. And most people are poor (yes, I would include here those that have money but are afraid to spend it), unhappy, and living way below their potential.

You can make a different choice starting today.

What is the risk that has recently presented itself on your path? Does it involve money? Boldness? Disappointing your mommy or spouse? Growth in your thinking or behavior?

You have the opportunity to be an adult and make a choice. Or you can act like a child and let your need for safety stop you.

Will you choose your dream or retreat into safety?

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