What is the one thing you know you need to do to move forward into your bigger vision right now?  Hint:  It’s something you’ve been avoiding – in fact it probably threatens your biggest fear, whether that be:

Running out of time
Running out of energy or health
Running out of money
Being SEEN
Someone saying “no” to you
Making a decision independent of your partner or friends
The risk that people will think you’re crazy or too big for your britches
Other:  _________________  (Insert your biggest fear here)

Have you ever noticed how the excuse you use to keep you from moving forward in your life or business is the absolute perfect excuse for you? It seems so logical and rational to you – in fact, you’ll practically argue to the death for it being the reason why you can’t get what you want.

Behind the scenes, your ego is in total celebration that is has stopped you again.  After all, the ego (or subconscious) only job is to keep you surviving and “safe” in your smallness.  Any change to how you’ve been operating is seen as a threat and must be stopped!

And it is sneaky as all get out.  It will do whatever it takes to stop you from playing a bigger game.  Illness, money problem, family problems, you name it.

Is it time for you to really understand what is going on?  Is it time for you to take back control of your future and take steps to create the business you want?  That beautiful vision you have of sharing your incredible gift with more people and making more money doing it?

Creating the results you really want starts with seeing the truth.  And the truth is that the person you’ve been and the actions you’ve taken have gotten you the results you currently have.  In your business and in your life.

If you want more, you will need to change who you’re being and what you’re doing.

You’ve got to say “yes” to things that other people say “no” to.  You need to take risks that other people will not take.  And you’ve got to take actions that you’ve never taken before.

You need to grow into the results you want.  You’ve got to meet them at their level.

And that means growing beyond the excuses you’ve used in the past.

It means saying to your subconscious – “I see you and I know you think you’re keeping me safe.  I don’t need your help right now – you can take a break.  I’ve decided to take the next step toward what I want.”

And take the step.

It’s your decision.  You can let your subconscious mind (which is filled with other people’s stuff that’s been loaded in like unedited data) determine your future.  OR, you can consciously create the impact and money you want.

If you choose the conscious route, you’ll need to stop saying “yes” to your perfect excuse.

And before you know it, you’ll be getting new results.  The results that will take you to the future you really want!

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