Wow.  Fear is the common theme as I talk with my clients and other entrepreneurs lately.  Business owners are feeling overwhelmed by fear and its taking up way too much time and energy – leaving them feeling stressed, unproductive, and stuck.

Is this you?

Are you spending your days in fear that something terrible is going to happen in your business – that you’ll run out of clients or money or that people will discover you’re a “fraud?”

Here are three things you can do about it.

Fear Cure #1:  Re-adjust Your Focus
You can only perceive and receive what you resonate with.  Spending your valuable time and energy in fearful thoughts and emotions all day means you are “spending time” with what you don’t want to happen.  Each of those fears represents some imagined future result that you don’t want.

What do you think that does to your vibration?
And what opportunities, people, and results will you manifest?

The cure is simple.  Perhaps not easy: but simple.  You’ve got to spend at least as much time each day focusing on the results you do want.

This means spending time with your vision each day — what you really want your life and business to look like.  Who you want to help, how you want to help them, and how much money they are happily handing to you for that help.

This means staying focused on why you started your business and how you help make the Planet a better place when you’re serving the people you are here to serve!

This also means focusing on how it will feel to achieve your vision and allowing yourself to feel it now.

All you need is 51% here to start turning things around!  When you catch yourself having fearful thoughts, gently stop yourself and re-focus on what you do want.

Fear Cure #2:  Re-commit to Your Daily Practices
Let’s face it.  Every wildly successful entrepreneur starts their day differently than the unsuccessful ones.

Some of you see daily practices as a luxury instead of a necessity.  That is a huge mistake.

What you do in the first hour or two of your day sets the tone for your entire day.

And if you follow the typical pattern of starting your day in a less than optimal way, you are setting yourself up for the kind of day most people have – “OK” at best and overly challenging at the worst.

If you’ve never had a daily morning practice that sets you up for the kind of day you want to have, start one now.

If you’ve fallen off of your daily practices, recommit to them now.

If the daily practice you’ve been using is no longer working for you, start a new one.  It’s natural for you to change them as you change and grow!

Make sure that whatever practice you’re using includes setting your intention for the day and connects you to Truth – that you can create the life and business you want!

Fear Cure #3:  Recognize Fear for What it Really Is
Fear is always about the future.  It’s about something that might happen.  So, it’s not real – it is just a really poor use of your imagination.

And it’s also a good indicator to you of where you need to grow.

It’s telling you that the person you’ve been until now has taken you as far as she can.  You want a new or bigger result and you’ll need to grow in some way to meet that new and bigger result.

Recognize these truths about fear, and move forward in spite of it.  The only difference between anyone who is more successful than you is that they were afraid but kept moving anyway.

What fear has been stopping you this week?

And what fear cure will you take action on today?

Share your commitment in the comments area below!

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