Yeah – I get it!  You feel like you’ve lived 3 lifetimes in the past 4 or 5 weeks!  The world has changed in huge ways.  And the “rules” have changed almost daily in that time!  The rules about everything

And yes, I’ve gone through a whirlwind of emotions myself!  I did spend a few days in nearly a total stupor at the beginning of all of this.  And then a semi-stupor for a short time after that!

And yet, in this last week or two, something in me has really shifted, and I’ve turned my focus almost completely back to “the good.”  I have been seeing, quite clearly, that like everything else in our world, there is good – ALL the time!

Here is just the start of what I’ve noticed…

  • Our air is getting cleaner every day (it is blowing my mind how quickly the physical environment is improving as a result of our new behaviors! What else is possible??)
  • We are sharing the same experience with our global family (did you know that no one on this planet is beyond your 50th cousin?), and people are coming together, sharing information and resources in ways we have never experienced in our lifetime.  Oneness is taking on a whole new meaning for many!
  • Animal shelters are emptying, and in some cases, have entirely emptied.  All of these beautiful creatures are getting lots of love and attention now!
  • People are spending quality time with their families – it warms my heart to see families out walking together or playing in their yards.
  • People are simplifying their lives – so many people have shared with me over the years that this is something they wanted to do!
  • People are eating healthier – cooking more of their own meals than ever.
  • We have incredible technology to support us in staying connected to others during this time.
  • People are enjoying the outdoors more
  • People are thinking about their lives and purpose because they can’t escape in busyness like they usually do
  • People are discovering their own creativity in finding new ways to get things done!
  • We are all discovering how adaptable we really are – and how quickly we can adapt!

In my own life’s journey, I have learned again and again that in order to thrive after a crisis, I must first see the good in whatever I am calling a crisis in my life.  I have witnessed this with my clients as well.  I hope you are doing well, and beginning to shift out of the shock and pain of this crisis into the new way of being that will see you through it and set you up for even more happiness and success on the other side!

I would love to hear what you have to add to the list of good here!  Please share your additions below!