Do You Hear What I Hear?

I’ve been listening… to my Soul. More and more every day. And my life and business are changing in amazing ways. People are responding in new ways to my message. People are more clear about my role in supporting them. Things are getting even better in my business, and in my life. Relationships are getting […]

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Is Your Fear of Rejection Hurting Your Business?

When you receive this, I’ll be sponsoring and speaking at David Neagle’s Breaking Free Live event in Los Angeles. David has invited me to share my story from the stage — how I’ve had to break free of my fear of rejection in order to play big in my business and mission. I had to […]

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Will You Achieve Your Business Vision OR Rationalize Your Current Situation?

I’ve been witnessing a disturbing trend among entrepreneurs and “wantrepreneurs” over the last few weeks!  And it breaks my heart. I talk to people every day who have incredible life and business visions. Talented people who want to share their gifts with the world.  And the fact is, with the right support and action, they […]

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