When you receive this, I’ll be sponsoring and speaking at David Neagle’s Breaking Free Live event in Los Angeles. David has invited me to share my story from the stage — how I’ve had to break free of my fear of rejection in order to play big in my business and mission.

I had to walk through this fear when people called me crazy for walking away from a “secure” job at a Fortune 100 company to start my own business.

I had to walk through this fear to double my business at a time when many said it couldn’t be done.

I had to walk through this fear in order to raise my fees and charge what I’m worth.

I have to walk through this fear every time a conversation with a potential client requires me to be bold and direct and challenge their stories about why they “can’t …”

Playing big — creating the money and meaning you want in your life and business, requires you to be bold and courageous. In many cases, it means speaking your truth in a way that elicits strong reactions from others. Some people will accept your message (the people you are here to serve), and others will reject it.

In fact, one of my mentors once said that “Until you have detractors, you really don’t have anything important to say.” I had one of those “aha” moments where I realized this was the truth. Look at any person in history who really made a difference on this Planet, and you will see that they had both followers and detractors.

So how does a fear of rejection play into all of this?Debbie Delgado

You have something important to say and do or you wouldn’t have a business and you wouldn’t be reading this article.

However, if you’re worried about people rejecting you or not liking you or judging you, you’ll temper that message. You might change it depending on who you’re speaking to. You might hold back in telling people a truth they need to hear. And you’ll stop short of being of true service to the very people you’re here to serve, because you’re putting your need to be liked and accepted before your commitment to carrying out your mission.

If you are in business to be accepted, you will not do what you must to create the income and impact you want. As you speak to potential customers, you will stop short of asking them the questions you need to ask in order to truly help them change their lives. And you will keep your fees low in order to hear more “yes’s” than “no’s”.

You will cheat yourself and those you are here to serve.

Where are you stopping short in your business right now?

How is your fear of rejection affecting your life and business?

Take a good hard look at where you might be letting your fear of rejection make decisions for you.

And start making those decisions from the “right” place – your passion to make a difference in your own life, the lives of those you are here to serve, and the world.

You’ll be amazed at what changes in your life and business when you do!

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