I’ve been listening… to my Soul. More and more every day.

And my life and business are changing in amazing ways. People are responding in new ways to my message. People are more clear about my role in supporting them. Things are getting even better in my business, and in my life. Relationships are getting stronger, people are responding differently to me, and I’m manifesting more of what I truly want every day – more quickly than ever before! I ask for something, and it appears. Sometimes within hours.Soul

I am not unique. I’m just listening. And acting on what I hear.

So my question for you is:

Are YOU listening?

At first your soul whispers…

It’s a sudden feeling. Or a fleeting thought. Or a tingling feeling somewhere in your body.

It’s trying to get your attention. It’s trying to tell you what your Soul is crying out for. It’s trying to help you get everything you want in your life and business.

When you listen, and take action, your life grows.

When you ignore it, it gets louder.

  • Maybe a book that you need to read falls off the bookstore shelf when you walk by.
  • Or 3 different people all mention the same concept or resource to you within the course of one week.
  • Or a solution to a problem you’ve been facing suddenly pops into your inbox.
  • Or you receive a phone call “out of nowhere” from someone who can help you in some way.
  • Or you receive an irresistible offer that will solve the very problem you are currently facing.

What do you do when your Soul tries to get your attention? Do you call these attempts “silly coincidences” and file them away without taking action? Do you allow your “rational” mind to label them irrational or illogical? Do you tell yourself “It’s not the right time”? Do you just ignore it because you’re so damn busy living the very life you can barely stand anymore?

So the whispers get louder again.

Your thoughts about yourself become more and more abusive. You begin to feel frustrated and hopeless and depressed more and more often.

And then, finally, the whispers become shouts. Because you haven’t listened to the whispers, or the synchronicities, or the thoughts, or the emotions that have been trying to get your attention.

You get sick more and more often. Your body begins to break down. Perhaps you are diagnosed with a disease.

Will you listen now?

Listen to the whispers.
Listen to the “coincidences.”
Listen to the thoughts.
Listen to your feelings.

Your Soul is trying to get your attention. It’s time for you to live full-out. It’s time for you to be who and what you are here to be.

Do you hear what I hear?

Will you listen now?

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