Are You Congruent with What You Say You Want?

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Creating an amazing business and life requires congruence on your part. In fact, once you are truly aligned with your desire in all of the areas below, what you want is a given.  It can’t help but manifest. Your thoughts must be congruent with what you want. Your beliefs must be congruent with what you […]

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Your REAL Decision to Manifest More

Debbie Delgado

If you want bigger and better results in your life and business, you must make a real decision that you will create them.  Not an “I’ll try” or “I really hope,” to manifest more of what I want.  A real decision means there is no “Plan B” and no other option than creating what you […]

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Be Bold

Be Bold! Successful entrepreneurs can tell you that fear is a leading factor in business failures.  The truth is, if you are in business to be liked and accepted and affirmed by others, you will not do what you must to create the income and impact you want. As you speak to potential customers, you […]

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Are You Creating What You Really Want? Do You Know How?

A few weeks ago, I had yet another death in my life – a cousin who was the same age as me.  I wish I could say that he was the first same-age cousin I’ve lost, but I can’t.  In fact, death has been a much more common occurrence in my life than for most […]

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Are You Even Leading YOURSELF?

I have something special for you this week!  I’ve been noticing a common theme recently with both my clients and people I meet at events – people who want to become bigger leaders in their businesses or careers, but don’t realize that if they want to be the leader, they need to “go first!” Last […]

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What Happens When You Don’t Indulge Your Soul Gifts

I was recently reminded of how, early on in my business, I would make it a point to take at least one “marketing action” in my business each day.  It might be making a call to a potential client, calling someone who might be in need of a speaker, or going to a networking meeting.  […]

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It Ain’t Always Pretty…

One of the things I absolutely love about my new home state of Oregon is all the beautiful mountains and rivers.  There’s a mountain hike about 20 minutes from my home called Spencer’s Butte.  I’ve hiked it 4 times now and it has kicked my a_ _  each and every time!  I’m determined to master […]

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Surviving the Messy Stage of Manifesting

I’ve had several clients lately who are right in the middle of manifesting incredible new results and are really being thrown off their game.  My guess is that many of you also have this challenge! Here’s what it looks like.  You create an inspired intention for a new result you want in your life or […]

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Pretending to be Normal Keeps You Small and Broke

Someone sent me a hilarious video last week parodying all of the conformity going on in the conscious coaching industry right now.  I had a great laugh, but it also got me thinking… Every day I talk to people who want more success in their businesses.  And I offer some pretty unique solutions to help […]

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