Your Truth Unveiled

How Immune are You?

Many of us are thinking about our immunity levels more than ever right now.  I am not one who usually thinks about it at all, and even I am thinking about it in light of this pandemic! If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that one of my superpowers is […]

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What Universe are You Living in?

 “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”  — Albert Einstein In light of what we are all experiencing right now, this decision has become even more important. Which do you truly believe? Do you believe that the Universe is indeed friendly, and as Wallace […]

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Quick Tool to Keep you Moving Forward!

Distractions abound – that is what I’m hearing from those of you who have already completed my reader survey. It’s so easy to get caught up and triggered by all the chaos and drama going on right now! We must stay conscious… Here’s my quick tip to help bring you back to consciousness today. Give […]

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Your Yes’s are More Important Than Ever Right Now…

We are indeed living through a fascinating time right now – and sharing that experience with our entire global family!  I hope you are doing well… and whether you are or not, I am here to support you in coming out of this as an even more authentic and powerful you than you were coming […]

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Role Model or Cautionary Tale?

It’s been nearly two months of stay-at-home for most of us – I hope you are well! As I observe what’s going on, how people are being right now, and my own evolution over these last couple of months I’m reminded of something I heard one of my mentors say years ago… At every given […]

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What’s Here for You?

In March I gave my first ever interview about being estranged from my children.  It has taken me a while to speak publicly about this part of my journey. Today I’d like to share part of that interview with you, in part because I’m seeing so many parallels between my story and what many are […]

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Stop Being Afraid to Be You!

debbie delgado

Enough is enough already! You’ve had people telling you how and who to be your whole life! Sure, many of them were “well-meaning,” and thought they were keeping you safe in some way. But part of you knows.  It knows that it’s anything BUT safe to hide who you really are or tone yourself down […]

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Tools for Staying in Your Truth during the Holidays

Debbie Delgado, Business Coach

All year long, you’ve been growing and learning to be more conscious and congruent with who you really are. Then, the winter holidays hit… You’re around family members more than any other time of the year. You find yourself triggered and reactive and slipping back into old, unhealthy behaviors – behaviors that are not congruent […]

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Are You Congruent with What You Say You Want?

business coach, laws of the univers, debbie delgado

Creating an amazing business and life requires congruence on your part. In fact, once you are truly aligned with your desire in all of the areas below, what you want is a given.  It can’t help but manifest. Your thoughts must be congruent with what you want. Your beliefs must be congruent with what you […]

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Your REAL Decision to Manifest More

Debbie Delgado

If you want bigger and better results in your life and business, you must make a real decision that you will create them.  Not an “I’ll try” or “I really hope,” to manifest more of what I want.  A real decision means there is no “Plan B” and no other option than creating what you […]

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