Enough is enough already!

You’ve had people telling you how and who to be your whole life!

Sure, many of them were “well-meaning,” and thought they were keeping you safe in some way.

But part of you knows.  It knows that it’s anything BUT safe to hide who you really are or tone yourself down to be more like everyone else.

There’s nothing safe about living an average or “good enough” life.  It’s killing your soul, a little more each day, to keep telling yourself “I already have it pretty good.  I should just be grateful for what I have.”

debbie delgado

It IS possible for you to have the life you really want.  And there is nothing selfish about wanting to have it!  In fact, if you step into it, you will change the world in amazing ways, because you will be giving permission to everyone you love to step into the life that they want.

But in order to do that you must start being true to you.  You must stop hiding who you really are.  And you must stop disowning the parts of you that actually make you beautiful and whole.

You are a divine creation.  You are here to create a unique and beautiful life that looks different than anyone else’s.

But to have that, you can no longer pretend to be normal.  You must put down the script you’ve been living from and show us who you really are.

What small step will you take TODAY to start being more of you?