We are indeed living through a fascinating time right now – and sharing that experience with our entire global family!  I hope you are doing well… and whether you are or not, I am here to support you in coming out of this as an even more authentic and powerful you than you were coming into it!

Back in early March, shortly before all the COVID chaos erupted, an opportunity was presented to me to help launch a program for Marci Shimoff (you may know her as the author of the Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul books or her book Happy For No Reason).  I do occasionally help out the biggies in my industry in their sales efforts as transformational sales is one of my superpowers and has a special place in my heart.

This particular opportunity was one that I wouldn’t usually say yes to.  But there was this unexplainable “yes” voice whispering inside of me.  And instead of ignoring it, as many people tend to do, I followed it and said yes to the opportunity.

Well, long story short, being on that project turned out to be a HUGE blessing for me – in so many ways.  Once of the biggest was that I was super busy with something incredibly positive and productive for the first 4-6 weeks of the pandemic chaos.  So I did not have as much time as many to focus way too much attention on the fear and panic and chaos that was happening all around us at that time.  And because of that and the incredible amount of self-work I’ve done over the years, I was able to stay pretty grounded and productive through that extremely chaotic phase of the pandemic.

This experience reminded me of how important it is for all of us to choose from “yes” right now.

Because Spirit, Source, God, Inner Wisdom – whatever you choose to call that voice of Truth within you – speaks to you in “yes’s”, and not in “no’s.”

Fear speaks to you in “no’s.”
“Don’t do that – it’s risky.”
“Don’t do that – you might get hurt.”
“Don’t do that – you might fail.”

And following that “no” voice creates the kind of life that, unfortunately, most people live – one where they make it very safely to death, with most of their dreams and desires unfulfilled.

Do you see how that “no” voice is always about fear?

So my questions for you today are …

Are you remembering to follow your “yes’s” in the midst of all of this?
Are you saying yes to the opportunities and ideas and that are in front of you right now?
What might happen if you do?
And what will certainly happen if you don’t?

Are you having trouble staying out of fear and on course to come out of all of this better than you came into it?
Contact my amazing assistant Kathy Bliss and she’ll help you assess whether a conversation with me might help!