It’s been nearly two months of stay-at-home for most of us – I hope you are well!

As I observe what’s going on, how people are being right now, and my own evolution over these last couple of months I’m reminded of something I heard one of my mentors say years ago…

At every given moment, you are being one of two things – either a role model, or a cautionary tale.

Take just a moment here and really let that sink in.

Yep, it’s big…

It’s fascinating to watch people and their reactions and behavior as we experience this epidemic and all the resulting changes.  We are watching in real time people behave like heroes, victims, and everything in between.

Moments like this reveal who we are… and who we are not!

If you’re one of my readers, you’ve actually been preparing for moments like this for quite some time.  All of the personal growth and spiritual growth you’ve done, both on your own, and with me, has really been for things like this.

You get to show your family, friends, community, coworkers, and clients who you truly are right now.

If you’re forgetting to stay fully in charge of what you take in and surround yourself with right now, it will be easy to choose in ways that are not truly who you are.  It is critical to consciously choose what you let into your environments – what you choose to watch, who and what you choose to listen to, who you (virtually) surround yourself with, and what thoughts you choose.

Many are rising up as leaders right now – people who are seeing the opportunities in this for all of us and making choices that will benefit their own lives as well as the lives of others.

And at the same time, many are not…

What about you?

The moment of decision is now…  And now again….  And now again…

You get to choose!  And no matter what you might have chosen last month, or last week, or even yesterday, you get to choose again.

Will you choose to be a role model, or a cautionary tale?

Having a hard time being who you want to be right now?

Contact my amazing assistant Kathy Bliss and she’ll help you assess whether a conversation with me might help!