There’s so much more to creating success in your business than meets the eye! There’s an entire energetic story going on underneath the actions you take that you might not even be aware of.

When your business isn’t doing as well as you would like, it might be tempting to take actions that seem logical, but will in fact be interpreted energetically by others in opposite very different way than you think!

Here are seven things you might be tempted to do to grow your business that will actually prevent you from reaching your business goals.Desperate Acts

Warning: the list below is not for the faint of heart. If “you can’t handle the truth!” you might want to skip this one!

  1. Spending your time at networking events telling people all about you, your credentials, and your business.  Sorry – but, they really don’t care. Until or unless they see you as someone who understands them and what they’re about, telling them about you will go in one ear and out the other. Stop worrying about what you will tell other people and start thinking of good questions to ask!
  2. Giving unsolicited advice. When you do this, it conveys two things at the energetic level : 1. You have poor boundaries, and 2. You have a need to feel important. Either one of these will repel people from wanting to invest with you. If they haven’t asked you for advice, don’t give it.
  3. Giving unsolicited psychic or intuitive messages to total strangers at events, the grocery store, etc. The energetics here are similar to giving unsolicited advice. It will convey to others that: 1. You have poor boundaries. 2. You have a need to feel special, and 3. Psychics and intuitives are intrusive and inappropriate.
  4. Trying to find clients at other people’s events when you aren’t a paid sponsor. The event host invested countless hours and dollars into planning and filling their event. And the sponsors have invested money to promote their businesses there. If you’re an attendee, you invested at a lower level to attend the event and receive the content. When you go with the intention of getting clients, you are basically trying to get something for free, and that energy will affect your business because that’s the kind of clients you will attract.
  5. Approaching event hosts and sponsors and trying to sell them something. Again – the event host and sponsors have contributed financially to the event in exchange for making offers there. If you’re an attendee, you did not pay for that right. And just like the situation above, the energy underneath is trying to get something you did not pay for. And again, you will start attracting people who want something for nothing to your business.
  6. Shoving your business card into people’s hands at business events. Is there even a purpose to this? Unless they asked you for it, it’s going in the trash the minute they get back to their office or clean out their purse/briefcase. And energetically they will feel neediness from you. People aren’t willing to hand their money to you when they feel you need them more than they need you!  Save a tree by only giving your card when it’s asked for – or better yet – stop carrying them altogether and make appointments with people on the spot instead!
  7. Adding people you connect with on LinkedIn or Facebook to your mailing list without their permission. Not only will this convey a desperate energy, but can also get you into legal trouble! If you think someone you meet in the Social Media world might benefit from being on your list, ask them if that would be of value to them. Now you’re being of service instead of looking like you’re desperate for followers!

There are always at least two levels to every interaction – what’s happening on the surface, and the energetic cause below it. Your potential clients will feel the energy underneath – something will feel “off” to them, even if they can’t articulate it.

Stopping any of the above behaviors could be just the “tune-up” your business needs right now!

Do you know there’s an energetic problem in your business but can’t quite figure out how to fix it? Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

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