Have you ever gotten so caught up in your busyness that you totally forget why you started your business in the first place?  It’s incredibly easy to do – you get caught up in all the many things it takes to run a business, all the new strategies you’re learning, and everything you’re doing to keep things running and money coming in.

It’s easy to start treating everything in your business as just another thing to do.  And to get so caught up in them that you start feeling all over again like you did when you worked for someone else – “When will this day be over?”  “When can I stop working?”  “When is my next

vacation?”… I think you get the picture here.

When was the last time you thought about the love that inspired you to start doing what you’re doing?

Love is what inspires most entrepreneurs to start a business.

Love of helping people in your special and unique way. Love of seeing your clients finally solve problems they’ve been struggling with for years. Love of the independence and freedom that comes with having your own business. Love of the infinite opportunity to create what you want. Love of being in charge of your own destiny.

My love is helping see the truth about what’s going on with them so they can address the real issues that are holding them back. Allowing people to see things they’ve been avoiding looking at that will change everything for them. And helping catapult their ways of thinking and being so they can live the lives they truly want to live. I love doing that!

What do you love about what you do for a living? Have you “forgotten?”

Another way love is important in our businesses is that each of us loves to express and market ourselves and what we are here to do in very different ways. Often the way you love to do it is what will actually get you the best results.

I love words. I love growth. I love directness. I love telling the truth – even when it’s not the popular thing to do! And when I bring those 4 qualities into my presentations and conversations with people, they get excited about what they can create and usually say yes to the support I offer.

Do you give yourself permission to market your business in ways you love? Are you remembering to express the love that you are in your marketing and your conversations with people who might become your clients?

Every time I’ve offered something to my clients that I’m truly in love with, they buy. And when I make an offer that feels more like a “should,” they don’t. What’s missing in this second scenario? Love.

Are the offers you’re making to people ones you truly love and are inspired by?

Or – have you forgotten the love, and become robotic, following your systems and procedures, and getting dismal results?

The people you are here to serve can feel the difference.

You can feel the difference.

And your pocketbook will definitely tell you the difference.

What is one way you will start bringing love back into your business today?

Not quite sure how to bring the love back to your business so you can have everything you want?   Contact Kathy today to see if we can help you do that!

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