Have you ever been all revved up and conscious about your business at an event or in a coaching session and then a few days later you’re back in a funk and not taking any steps forward?Debbie Delgado

I’ve been noticing this pattern in several of my clients lately, and anytime that happens it’s a good indication that environmental issues are at play!

One of the things I address with all my clients sooner or later is the importance of congruence in their lives and businesses. For the sake of simplicity here, picture in your mind a typical bargain store. What does it look like and feel like, and what kind of treatment do you expect when you’re there? Are most of the people shopping at that store living the kind of life you envision for yourself? Now think about a high-end luxury store. Does it look and feel different than the bargain store? Are you treated differently? What kind of people are you likely to run into there?

Do you see how each of these two environments is congruent with totally different kinds of energies and results?

It’s critical that the environments you create for yourself energetically match the results you want in your life and your business. And it’s pretty much impossible to create new and different results than you have now if you keep all your environments exactly the same.

Environmental incongruence can lead to all kinds of self-sabotage in your business. Everything from charging less than you’re worth to not taking actions you know will get you the business results you really want!

Here’s the thing – there are at least three types of environments that can impact your business in big ways.

Environment #1: Your physical environment. How do you really feel when you walk you’re your office every day? Are you excited by how it looks, where it’s located, and what’s in it? Does it feel like the office of someone who has the business success you crave? Do you feel inspired to be your best when you’re in it?

It’s not just your office environment that can affect you here. The clothes you wear, the car you’re driving, and the geographical area you are in can all effect your energy as well.

Last year I made several changes to my physical environment, and it had a huge impact on my business. I no longer felt like my office or the car I was driving reflected who I wanted to be. Now I love walking into my office each morning, and I feel like the car I drive fits me and what I want to accomplish – and sure enough – my business results continue to grow!

Even small changes can make a big difference here! If a move or a new car isn’t possible for you right now, what changes CAN you make that would make your environment more energetically conducive to the results you truly want? Could be as simple as bringing some inspirational pictures or objects into your office, washing your car more often, or only wearing clothes you feel good in and throwing out the rest.

How can you change your physical environment this week so it better supports your business vision?

Environment #2: Your People Environment. Oh boy, this is a big one and can be really scary for people as well. Who you spend time with can have a huge impact on your success. And if you want more impact and more income in your business, some of the people you’ve been spending time with are simply not capable of energetically supporting you in those goals.

This can be a show-stopper for many. Most of us have a certain set of unconscious “rules” about hanging onto people in our lives forever, even when we know on some level that when we do that we can never move beyond where they are.

Let’s face it – owning a successful business requires more personal growth than many people on this planet are willing to do. And that may well include some of the people in your life. How many of the people you spend time with truly support your big vision and encourage you to fulfill it?

Are you bringing new people into your life that model what you’d like to achieve? People who truly believe you can create whatever you want in your life and business? People who can see your greatness and your incredible potential? People who are learning and growing themselves?

And yes, in order to make room for incredible new people, you may need to release some of the time you spend with people who are in your life now. You may need to “love from afar” some of your family members and old friends.

Although that might feel scary to you, you will be amazed at how much better your life gets when you do that.

What changes can you make to your people environment this week to support your life and business vision?

Environment #3: The environment in your head. Years ago an expert determined that the average person has 50,000 thoughts each day, and that, for most people, a huge percentage of those thoughts are the same thoughts they had the day before. In other words, most of our thoughts are habitual.

I know you want something bigger and better than you have now or you wouldn’t even be reading this article. But, unless you’re consciously changing them, the thoughts you’re having today are actually supporting the results you’ve already created in your life.

In order to create new results, you’ll need to think new thoughts. That will require you to consciously pay attention to the thoughts you are having now. And to determine which of them need to change.

What thoughts would you need to change to support what you really want? And what thoughts would need to go?

Your environment is one of those things that can support the success you want or make it very hard to achieve.

What will you change in your environments starting today?

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